How To Keep Your Social Life Alive This Winter

Summer is the season where everyone comes out of their shell — the pub gardens are packed, you can tan in the park, and social calendars are busy almost every day of the week! True, it can be quite exhausting, but those months of sunshine and by far the most social all year round.

As we come into the autumn and winter season though, you may find your invites start to dwindle, as people start to prefer nights in, on the sofa, keeping dry and warm. However, just because it’s a little wet and windy shouldn’t keep you in the house if you want to be out! Here’s how to keep your social life alive this winter…

Find a cosy local

If summer is all about pub gardens, then winter is about finding a warm and cosy local pub with an open fire, where you can crack open a bottle of red wine with your friends. Wet winter nights is when a countryside pub is at its best — there’s the community feeling of everyone coming together, and you get a quaint sensation from the charming wooden beams and big comfy seats.

Autumn and winter are also the perfect time to enjoy a roast dinner, so invite your friends all together on a Sunday and catch up on how everyone’s weeks have been.

Join a new fitness community

Indeed, not all socialising involves lots of food and drink. You can hang out with friends, and make lots of new ones, and also attend gyms and fitness classes too. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of stepping out a sweaty yoga class into the bracing cold air outside!

Search online to see if there’s a service like ClassPass in your local area.

Make the most of the darker nights

While it’s great to go to a gig or a sporting event in the summer, you don’t really get the full impact of the light show as you do if you go when the nights are darker. That’s why autumn and winter are great seasons for stadium shows.

Head to to see what bands, sports teams, comedians or theatre shows are touring near you in the coming months.

Meet for more coffee

It’s been a baking hot summer, so you’re probably looking forward to Spiced Latte season and cuddly knits. The colder months are the perfect time to catch up with friends over hot coffee, so get some cafe dates in the diary now.

Book in dinner dates

You may be feeling the financial strain of having had such a busy summer, but there’s no need to cut back on dinners entirely. Why not suggest to your friendship group that one person invites everyone else around for dinner, once a week or once a fortnight? You can set a modest budget per person (it’s possible to feed a group for £2 a head!) and still have the perfect excuse to dress up, open a bottle of fizz and have a good catch up over great food.