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How to look great on a budget

If you need to update your wardrobe, you may be wondering how you can do it without blowing your budget. Good clothes aren’t cheap, so here are a few tips to help you look great on a budget:

Review what you have

It’s common to accumulate a bunch of stuff and hold on to the things you rarely use. Spend some time looking at what you already have before you begin shopping. It’s a good idea to look at the big picture. Do you have lots of things that are a particular colour? Maybe you have twenty t-shirts but can never find anything to wear on a date? Maybe you have a bunch of cheap high heels that hurt your feet but you never have a classic pair you can wear to an interview?

Now you need to decide how you’d like your wardrobe to look. Try on everything you can and get rid of the things that either don’t fit well or you haven’t worn in a year.

Go for classics

Write down a few things that would be in your dream wardrobe. It’s a much better idea to have a smaller closet with quality clothes that fit, instead of a massive closet stocked full of old, cheap, ill-fitting clothes.

If you’re wondering what to buy, it’s a good idea to stick to classics. For example, every woman should have a gorgeous little black dress, while statement earrings and an infinity scarf would be a trend. Every guy should have tailor made suits, while a bow tie or vest would be a trend.


Know what looks good on you

It can often be difficult to know just what to wear if you’re unsure what suits your body type. If you have a long waist and a soft tummy, it’s not a good idea to go for low-waisted pants. Instead, a classic pencil skirt will be much more flattering. You have a specific body type, so once you figure out whether you’re a ruler or an hourglass, an apple, or a pear, you can choose the appropriate styles.


Check out thrift stores

These can be an incredible resource. This is particularly true in college towns since young people are moving often and typically will get rid of their clothes after just a couple of years. It’s also a good idea to shop at outlet stores and keep an eye out for huge discounts at places like Nordstrom Rack.


Shop off-season

Be sure to check out end-of-season clearance sales. These include sales like Black Friday and after Christmas. Just make sure you set a budget and know how much you’d be willing to spend on something before you go shopping.