How To Pick The Right Bathroom Sink

Updating your bathroom sink is a relatively easy and approachable bathroom renovation to complete, regardless of if you are a seasoned DIY pro, or if this is your first time tackling a bathroom remodeling project. There are several elements to consider when choosing the right bathroom sink for your bathroom renovation, including making the decision to re-purpose your current bathroom fixtures or installing entirely new fixtures, as well as choosing a sink to meet the overall design and theme of your bathroom.

Understand Your Theme

Your bathroom sink is the centerpiece of your vanity and can make a huge statement about the overall look of your bathroom remodel. There are several bathroom designs to choose from when installing your new sink, but ultimately you should consider how the sink looks in relation to the rest of your bathroom and how you intend to use the sink before making a purpose. For a classic look, you can’t go wrong with a white ceramic sink. This durable design is easy to clean and can match many bathroom designs. For a trendy touch, consider opting for a farmhouse style ceramic sink. For a more industrial look, a granite sink may be the right choice. In addition to deep colors and an industrial look, these sinks can hold up to heavy use and may be perfect for utility rooms or other areas where you will be washing more than just your hands. For a truly unique and trendy look, consider a vessel sink with a free-standing water faucet.

Re-purposing Your Current Fixtures

Just because you want to keep your current vanity does not mean that you are stuck with the overall layout and design of your current bathroom sink. In many cases, the vanity counter top can be removed and replaced to meet your specifications. If installing granite sinks or ceramic sinks, you will need to cut into your new counter top, using the specifications included in your new sink’s installation guide. Vessel sinks on the other hand can be installed onto nearly any flat surface and is a great additional for a small bathroom idea.

Installing New Fixtures

If your bathroom remodel includes a new vanity, you will want to make sure to pick a fixture that accommodate the style of sink you wish to install. Many new bathroom vanities allow you to install a custom counter top which can be cut to fit most sink styles. If you don’t want to be confined to a traditional bathroom vanity, consider installing a vessel sink on top of a refinished antique table for a retro look with a touch of modern flair.