How To Support Your Local Community This Year

Sometimes one person needs to make a change for everyone else to do it too. Why don’t you become that one person? You might be set on a new year’s resolution already, but this article may just give you another goal to dwell on. Doing things for others is the best act of kindness you can do, and it feels amazing! Here are a few simple ways you can engage with your local community in 2018 and see the wonderful benefits it brings to you and everyone else.

Show your support by shopping locally

By getting your meat from the local butcher or buying the occasional read from the corner bookshop, you’re supporting the local businesses which means increasing the financial income of your community. Next time you need to stock up on food, instead of using franchise stores consider using the local resources such as farmers, markets and events. Another big positive is that local businesses tend to be cheaper and offer better deals to regular customers which means everyone benefits!

Volunteer for an amazing cause

Volunteering is a brilliant way to support the local community, and there are so many opportunities you could get involved with; from mentoring young people to becoming a charity shop assistant, caring for elderly people to conserving nature, find the right volunteer experience near you. Even if you can spare a couple of hours a week, any amount of time is a wonderful input into the community. To find great opportunities, simply research or ask around town. When you become a volunteer, the roles are very flexible which means you can fit it around your schedule.

Think about working in the police sector

Public safety is always a big concern and something which needs attending to with each passing year. Your local police are always in need of trusting and caring people to join the force and keep your neighbourhood safe. If this sounds like a career which you would enjoy, consider enrolling in an online criminology degree to get this dream into action! While you’re studying you could also get involved with volunteering at a police station and help with any administrative tasks. Not only does this make you look super determined, but helps the community by giving the police more time out patrolling.

Donate items and raise money

Whether it’s old clothes, household items, or even blankets, somebody needs these things! Before you throw perfectly good things away in the trash, stop, and think first. Donate any unwanted items to the local homeless shelters, charity shops or even animal shelters. Also, if you find any spare coins in the house, consider giving this to charity collectors or the homeless. Every little bit helps and you’ll feel fantastic for your generosity!

Doing any of these things is a wonderful way to help your community and brings you individual benefits too. From meeting new people to learning new skills, growing your confidence to discovering a new talent, everyone’s happy!