Interesting Playroom Designs for Kids

Anyone who has children will understand that they seem to take over the whole house – if you’ve got kids there’s little chance of you being able to walk into any room that doesn’t have at least one toy in it, whether it be Lego bricks all over the floor, teddy bears stacked up on your sofa or rubber ducks in the bottom of the bath. More and more parents are turning to the idea of designing a special playroom for their kids, so they’ve got somewhere to keep the toys in order to keep the rest of the house tidy – plus it’s a great place to keep your children occupied and happy without having to wonder what they’re getting up to in other areas of the home. If you’re thinking of designing a playroom for your children, read on to discover some of the best playroom design ideas.


Outdoor Playroom

Kids love playing outside, and in the summertime it’s great to let your little ones get some fresh air and sunshine and enjoy themselves in the warm weather. Why not take this to the next step by designing an outdoor playroom – this way, they’ll still be able to play out in all weathers, and kids will love ‘playing house’ in their designated play area in the garden. Play houses are a firm favourite with kids, and there are a number of designs to choose from, whether you go for a standalone play room in your garden, or build a separate playroom as an extension of your home so it’s easier for you to keep an eye on your children if you’re busy and don’t have time to keep checking on them in the garden. Click here for more information about garden playroom designs.


Garage Conversion

If you don’t use your garage, you might like the idea of converting it into a playroom. The best bit about converting your garage is that it will add an extra room to your home, and when the children have gotten a bit older it doesn’t have to be a playroom any more – it can be an extra bedroom, dining room, second living room, cinema room or whatever you’d like to make it. Garage conversions can be quite costly, however in the long run it can add value to your home. Decorate it in bright colours and it’s a perfect space for your kids to play and store all their toys.


Loft Conversion

If you’ve got a spacious loft, it might be the perfect area to make into a playroom for your kids. Like a garage conversion, your loft won’t need to be a playroom for ever – change it into an extra bedroom later on. Lofts make for great cosy playrooms with their sloping ceilings, and you can decorate it in playful colours and add a table and chairs for activities and even homework. You might even want to put a television in the room – add bean bags and blankets, and it makes the perfect space for movie night.

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