Men’s Activewear For the Great Outdoors

As the cooler weather rolls around, it’s even more important than ever to be properly prepared when you’re heading out to play sports outdoors or to do some hiking in nature. There are a few pieces that are absolutely essential for your comfort and safety while being active outdoors and I’ve compiled a list of the essentials so you can be ready for your next sporting adventure!

1. Good Footwear
If you’re hiking, you’re going to need sturdy and supportive footwear that ensures your foot and ankle are well supported. There’s nothing worse than setting off on a beautiful hike, only to lose your footing along the way and to twist your ankle, especially if it’s somewhere remote and far from medical access. Chums have a great range of hiking and walking boots that look so good you’ll be surprised by how versatile they are. If you’re playing a specific sport, you may have to find specific footwear for that sport, but take the extra time to ensure what you are wearing is going to provide you with all the support you need.

2. Breathable Fabrics
You’re going to want to choose clothes made of natural fibres like cotton or merino to help wick away sweat and moisture when you’re being active in the cold. It’s a good idea to layer your clothes when heading outside during winter so you can easily adjust how many layers you’re wearing to be as comfortable as possible. Once you become active, you’ll be surprised how fast you heat up and you’ll be glad you have extra layers you can take off.

3. A Nice Pair of Gloves
When the weather really drops, it’s often our hands and noses that freeze off. Until you’re warmed up before your sports, or hike, you may find your hands absolutely freezing! You have a few options for gloves, from the softer woollen gloves to the classier leather gloves. Whichever type you choose, you’ll be glad you brought them when it’s freezing outside.

4. A Scarf
I think scarfs are a great fashion piece because you can easily give your outfit a little more personality, without spending much money. An added bonus is they keep you warm; you can use them around your neck, or over your nose and mouth to keep the heat in if you find yourself really cold. Sometimes changes in altitude can really affect the temperature, so it’s best to be prepared.

Use these four simple tips to be best prepared and comfortable for all your sporting and hiking activities as the winter cools down. Check out the handy infographic down below: