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Motivation and Love: What Motivates Us When It Comes to Love

Love is what has been driving humans throughout our whole history. It has affected every aspect of human life. We make things to be loved, and when we are in love, we make things for love. Love is the strongest human emotion. This is the reason why it almost totally controls our lives. Lovers do things for each other, those who are temporary lonely and struggle to find love, and those who just broke up and are in the process of recovery. Those three types of people have a different motivation; they act differently, but the main reason for their actions is love, in one way or another.

           Love affects the way how we look like too. A common romantic cliché says that the most beautiful woman is the woman who is happy in relationships. And I completely agree with that fact, those who are successful in love are happier than those who are not. But, despite the flair of magic and inexplicability, it is a completely unambiguously explained chemical process, as a result of which the hormone dopamine is released.

Dopamine is a hormone and a neurotransmitter that is produced in the human brain and is the cause of the most powerful emotions, feelings of pleasure, and satisfaction. So, as you see, there is nothing special and magical about love. The internal drive that makes you burn, eat and lose weight (girls, yes, it is possible) is all dopamine and, of course, love. Love makes you more attractive.

This is possible because love is a reusable dopamine vaccine that drags you to the gym, theater club, to the beautician and nutritionist. It makes you want to change yourself and improve your body. Love is the fountain of endorphins, from which there is a sparkle in the eyes and enthusiasm in all aspects of life. Love is the inspiration to be better than you were yesterday. To be near, to correspond, to please your lover, and to like a life with him or her.

Love is the best motivation factor for people. You see, if you are successfully in love, then it makes you want to improve yourself to be happier with your partner. If you are in love, but unfortunately unhappily, then you are trying to fix this problem, and find someone with whom you will be happy. As you see, no matter what, love always gives us the energy to work on ourselves. But it is up to us, how we use this energy. This choice is especially important in the second example with unhappy love. Unhappy love hits us with negative emotions, and sometimes it is really hard to use the energy it gives for good purposes.

There are many motivation groups and psychologists who help to recover from unhappy love or a breakup. You should remember that your every emotion can be a motivation. Let’s use an unrequited love as an example. At first glance, it looks like the end of the world. You are in a bad mood and feel very unhappy like the whole world lost its colors. And you are absolutely true about that because in case of unrequited love your body stops producing dopamine. Such a fast dopamine production decline causes a withdrawal syndrome, like one with heroin. If you faced with unrequited love withdrawal syndrome, then you may try to find a foreign wife.

But in case of heroin withdrawal, there is almost nothing a person can do, while you can dopamine from other sources. If you use your bad emotions for good purposes, then you will become better, thus while becoming better, your body will be producing dopamine. The better you are, the more dopamine you have in your blood, the more you attractive to other people, the more chances you have to find a lover and be happy with him or her. And again, the more dopamine you get from relations with your lover, the more you want to do for him or her.