Must-Read Tips For Those Who Want To Get Into Acting

Acting is not a job you get into because you’re intrigued or looking to make a lot of money off the bat. It’s a career that you get into because you absolutely feel the need to. Because you have the ‘bug’ of getting into a character and performing. Much like music, writing or visual art, you need to have the passion or you won’t get far. Passion isn’t all you need, however. The following should help, too.

Getting work where you can

Be ready to exploit just about any opportunity for acting where you can. Even if it’s unpaid work with a local theatre or just joining an acting group. Actors need to work in theatre, as film extras, in commercials. You need to get ingrained to the commercial side of it, as well as building a pool of experience to draw from.


Set up a site

If you want to get spotted, you need to make yourself all the easier to spot, too. This doesn’t just mean being a good actor. It means having a sense of marketability and commercial sense. It means setting up a good looking website that presents everything a director or casting agent might want to know about you. It’s also a good way to signal that you take acting seriously.

Take classes

You might already have an education or you might think that you could have a natural talent. Whichever it is, you will want to take classes. You might already know everything you need to know about acting. But what you really need is the opportunity to create that natural chemistry with other actors. You need scenarios and ideas to play with. Treat your talent like a good knife. It needs to be sharpened often.

Make an effort at auditions

Auditions are your chance to land your break, big or small. They are going to be a common occurrence in the life of any actor. So you need to treat them seriously. Memorise your lines. If you can’t, be honest and say you can’t. Don’t oversell yourself. Act like a professional, like you already have the job and this is just a rehearsal before the show.

Take care of yourself

Appearances matter. This is definitely true when cameras and audiences are involved. So take care of yourself, both physically and mentally. If there’s something that you feel uncomfortable with about yourself, get to grips with it or change it. Take care of your appearance to help you feel okay with being on display. Otherwise, it will show in your performance, without a doubt.

Have confidence

Which leads us to our next and most important point. Actors need confidence. Even if it’s just on the surface level. Even if you need to fake it till you make it. Overly modest or frightened actors do not strike people as reliable, which you need to be. Take time to build your confidence when you’re on your own. Acknowledge your successes and your mistakes and learn from them both.