New Ways of Doing Things That Are Modern and Environmentally Friendly

Although it’s becoming ever more popular as people become more concerned about climate change, sustainable living has a bit of an image problem. The idea of being eco-friendly traditionally brings to mind images of compost toilets, wearing clothes made of hemp and smelling strongly of patchouli – and that is one version of a sustainable lifestyle. However, it’s perfectly possible to become more environmentally minded while still participating in ordinary life, and these are three 21st century ways of doing so.

Revitalise your resume

Creating a resume has to be up there with one of the most tedious things to do – what should I include? What should I leave out? Should I use a traditional or modern format? What contact details should I use? Does it matter that it’s longer than one page? Well in this modern age you can sidestep most of these questions by creating a video resume, which are requested with increasing frequency and which allow your prospective employer to meet you before they meet you. By creating a video resume with, you have the opportunity to present your important information and experience in an engaging way, and show the recruiter that you have confidence and initiative in buckets. As well as all that, you can’t print out a video resume – it’s a sneaky way of pushing the process towards going paperless, and a step in the direction of a sustainable society.

Eco-friendly fashion

Most people try to be environmentally conscious these days, but especially for someone who cares about their style and appearance it can be difficult to know how to approach the thorny issue of fashion; fast fashion is the most polluting industry on the planet, even more than aviation and shipping combined. Luckily, the availability of socially and environmentally conscious clothing is on the rise, the charge being led by brands like D’Soro, which resells end of line clothes that would otherwise have been destroyed or discarded by the fashion industry – reducing waste and making couture garments available to the everyday budget. For anyone looking to keep up their fashion credentials while minimising their environmental footprint, D’Soro could be the way to go.

Bring some green love into your space

The home of all things green in both senses of the word, can help you turn your home or office into an oasis of calm and fresh air. Offering Living Walls, Green Walls and Botanicals to homes and business, Green Love allows you to bring all the glory of nature inside your home or workplace. As well as increasing the oxygen content of the air, their Living Walls (made up of a variety of growing plants) create dynamic pieces of art far more interesting than any static painting, and similarly to the moss-based Green Walls, they inject a freshness and vitality into any space that needs it. All walls can be created in a variety of shapes and designs to suit your aesthetic, and offer a totally unique way to combine dynamic art with the oxygenating and proven destressing function of indoor plants. Instead of a dull painting or photograph, Living or Green Walls provide timeless and beautiful ornamentation to any space that won’t need replacing.

Part of being sustainable is making choices that are sustainable for your lifestyle and values as well as sustainable for the planet – there’s no point committing to not using the supermarket if your lifestyle doesn’t give you time to tend your own produce, for example. If you live a busy or corporate, or fast-paced life then making small changes towards sustainability is the best way to make sure you decrease your environmental impact without compromising on your goals or who you are.