The ABC of Diamond Necklaces

When special occasions come up, especially in a long term relationship, it’s quite difficult to know what gift you could possibly go for. A diamond necklace is always a good bet for the right balance between glamour and class, so we’ve put together a quick guide to picking one.

Consider their style

Are you buying this necklace for someone who would look at home in a mansion, draped over a red velvet chaise longue and smoothing down a fur bolero as they summon the butler? Or are you giving this to someone who would be more comfortable curled up with a book in the corner of the library? Diamond necklaces can range from ostentatious and flashy to subtle and demure, and picking the right style is paramount to choosing the perfect gift. The former might prefer a diamond necklace with diamonds all the way around with a striking pendant of a different precious stone, while a more understated person might love a diamond pendant on an elegant chain or a timeless silver locket.

Know your chains

Because the focus is usually on the pendant, it can be easy to forget that the chain of a necklace is just as much a part of the overall impression. Not only is the chosen metal important (this should be chosen on the intended recipient’s skin tone and taste), but the style of the chain can affect the look of the piece of jewelry. Anchor chains are pretty but quite ordinary, while figaro chains are unusual and elegant, and marina chains have a stunning flat link pattern which clings to the skin. Each gives a necklace an entirely different look!

Choose a reputable jeweler

As when buying any specialist item, make sure that you’re spending your money with a trusted source to avoid overpaying or being otherwise ripped off. A diamond necklace is a beautiful item, and wasting money on a sub-par piece when you could have spent it better elsewhere on something more high quality is a situation to be avoided. Good jewelers like abelini jewellery will be accredited, they will be happy to provide a diamond grading report and will help you choose the perfect necklace.

So there we have it – if you’re looking to buy a diamond necklace for a special birthday or anniversary but don’t know where to start, you can use these three handy hints as a starting point and make sure you get the perfect gift for your loved one.