The Best Western Australian Native Flowers

The Australian wildlife and nature is known worldwide for being unique and impressive. Beautiful, wild and delicate at the same time, the Australian native flowers are really stunning. It is definitely worth knowing about some of the most beautiful ones in Australia. Read on and find out more about the best Western Australian native flowers and you will definitely want to go there to see them in their natural habitat. If you want some for your home, why not check out fresh flowers delivery in Perth.



This beautiful and wild climber looks rough and untamed and it will make for a very nice outdoor décor on your home’s walls or on your fence. With very rapid growth, Hardenbergias can really take one’s breath away with their purple little flowers climbing up on the walls of Australia. Keep it in mind though: the original native flowers are the best ones, even though their hybrid counterparts are pretty amazing too.



It’s really amazing how these flowers somehow manage to look absolutely amazing and delicate even in the roughest of the climatic conditions. The beautiful feather-like appearance is destined to win any flower lover’s heart in an instant and the wilderness that seems to hide behind the graceful beauty is really something unique. This spring flower is, indeed, more difficult to grow – but, oh, how much you will love it when you will see it blooming in your garden!



This shrub shows that beauty can grow everywhere – even in the sand plains. Generally speaking, Chamelauciums are quite easy to grow and they will instantly make a place pop with grace and beauty as soon as they bloom, but the main thing people don’t understand about them is that they really need to be pruned twice every year (even if popular wisdom may say that native flowers don’t have to be pruned). With great care and proper “plant food”, the main downfall of these flowers (the fact that they start becoming woody and less “flowery” after a few years) can be “beaten”. There are really a lot of variations on this type of flower and they will all bring in the same wild grace and beauty so do try them out for your front lawn or for your flower garden.


Swamp Bottlebrush

This wild flower is absolutely stunning and spectacular. For someone who does not live in Australia, the swamp bottlebrush will definitely look unique and wonderful. Its odd shape, its special flowers and the very bright colors growing in the middle of the Australian wildlife will win you over and you will just wish to bring some of them back home as well.

Australian wild flowers are indeed very special and the Western ones are something you will most likely not meet in many other places out there. While it may be a bit more difficult to take care of some of them when brought out of the wilderness, the truth is that seeing them bloom graciously will definitely pay off all the effort you’ve been putting into growing them!