The Careers That Are Screaming Out For Womankind

No matter how far we have come in our quest for gender equality, the workplace is still falling somewhat short. Men are still getting paid more for doing the same job as their female counterparts (although the gender pay gap is closing) and corporate boards are still heavily dominated by the males of our species. Whether you are just setting out on your career path after college or you fancy a change in your work life, take a look at these potential career choices that could do with attracting a few more females into their ranks.

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It’s a tad ironic that the culinary world is dominated by men given that traditional sexist jokes advocate the woman’s role being firmly based in the kitchen. However, take a look at the chefs across the globe that hold three Michelin stars, and only six are female compared to over a hundred men. If you can rustle up a feast in the kitchen and your dinner parties are the highlight of your friends social calendars, you might find that working in the culinary world could be the career for you. The hours are long, and you may have to say goodbye to your weekends, but the job can be hugely rewarding, and you could find yourself flying the flag for a new breed of female chef.

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The traditional accountancy careers are often dominated by men. Stereotypical accountants conjure up images of bespectacled, balding men in grey suits wearing well-polished shoes. Whereas that may have been the case twenty years ago, this number crunching career is now attracting more females. With a big emphasis on getting girls into maths within schools, accounting has become a viable career option for all. Finance makes a secure career choice as individuals will always need a good accountant.

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If you picture taxi drivers, lorry drivers or freight transporters, the chances are you’ll picture a man. And why wouldn’t you? The transport industry has been a male-dominated field since the building of roads. However, there has been an emergence of female lorry drivers in recent years as women also want to take to the open road. With a truck finance application, you too could find yourself with a vehicle transporting loads across the country, enjoying the vistas and views as you head off on your logistics journey.

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How many times have you heard a guy say that he can’t think of any funny female comedians? It’s a tiring edict to endure. Many female comedians are working the traditional comedy circuit and breaking through. Fleabag, the newly streamed comedy from the UK is written by Phoebe Waller-Bridge and is taking the world by storm. Never let a man tell you there aren’t any funny women ever again.

When selecting your next career move, don’t allow whether the field is male-dominated or not influence your choice. Take the bull by the horns and venture along the career path that you want and don’t let anybody stop you.