Top signs you need a new career

Feeling stuck in a rut? Not sure if you should still be in your job, or even in your industry?

Sure, most of us have days where we have to drag ourselves into the office, aren’t exactly fascinated with the tasks on our to-do lists, and feel tired and worn out by the end of the day.

But you may find that simply getting out of bed and dragging yourself into work involves an intense talking to yourself and an exercise of willpower. You may find every task tedious, and your energy could be totally depleted by the time 5pm rolls around. You may even notice that your work issues are spilling over into the rest of your life and impacting your relationships with family and friends.

If this sounds like you, you’ll need to pinpoint exactly what’s doing the damage. Break your job into different tasks or components. Which parts are the most draining? Is it the long commute? Your coworkers? The subject matter? If you’re working in law and you like the industry but hate your work, you may need to use a legal recruitment agency. But if you feel like you’re not passionate about any part of the legal system, it may be time for a new career.

Apathy is another key sign that you may need a career change. We all have days at work where our hearts aren’t quite in it. This is usual, and often a new project, talk with a friend, or good night’s sleep can help get your head back in the game. However, if you notice your apathy has you operating on autopilot, checking out, and/or continually wishing you were anywhere except at work, it’s time for a change.

If you’re only going to work so you can pay your bills, that’s another big sign you need a new career. Let’s face it: We’re not all going to be passionate about every activity that we do. But earning a ton of money in a job that you hate simply isn’t worth it. Imagine how you’d feel if you had a career where you felt like you were following your calling? The professional and personal satisfaction would beat the extra money by a mile. A bunch of money will never make up for loathing your job. Because even if you’re wearing the cutest designer shoes, you’ll still be wearing them to the same workplace each day.