Top tips for planning last minute hen weekends that won’t disappoint

Whether the couple have decided on a shotgun wedding or the bride has changed her mind about having a hen party, planning a last minute hen weekend is A last minute wedding is both spontaneous and romantic, however it can make arranging the subsequent hen party an absolute nightmare. Booking the accommodation, arranging the travel and sorting out activities can be both stressful and difficult. Fortunately, maids of honour everywhere needn’t panic, there are ways to make planning a last minute hen party easier.

The average engagement is 14.5 months, so most us will have time to plan. However, shotgun weddings can happen and if this is the case for your friend, hen weekend packages might just save your life.


Skip the hassle: book a hen weekend package

The average hen party takes time, effort and know-how to plan. You’ll obviously want to give the bride a perfect weekend away. You’ll want to go to the best bars, restaurants and clubs, but that is easier said than done if you don’t have an intrinsic knowledge of the local nightlife. You could spend days researching only to be let down by a bad restaurant with exasperatingly good Tripadvisor reviews.

Finding specialists who can offer you the very best hen weekend packages can not only save you time and money, but also turn a potentially friendship-ruining holiday from hell into the hen party of a lifetime.

It’s important to go with a company who run many trips and who know the destination well, know what activities you will love to do and will arrange everything from flights and accommodation, to the clubs and spa treatments. Maximise run a number of last-minute hen weekend packages to cities throughout the UK, and can recommend the best bars, the tastiest restaurants and have an array of activities for any type of hen do.

Send e-vites to avoid postal failure

Sending specially designed invitations through the post is a lovely idea as long as you actually have the time to send them. Since the clock is ticking, and your hen party weekend is going to be a last minute thing, make sure you contact your fellow hens as soon as possible.

Setting up a group text or Facebook event invite is a sure-fire way to avoid invitations don’t get lost in the mail. It’ll also allow invitees to respond instantly if they aren’t able to attend..

If a simple Facebook group doesn’t suffice and the bride-to-be wants something a little more special and beautiful, then you can try sending a stylised invitation by email.For example, Evite is an e-invitation website that will allow you to give your message a personal touch.

Hen Party

Choose your destination wisely

Whilst there are lots of amazing hen weekend packages to Europe, it may not be possible to go so far at such short notice. Will all the guests be able to afford a trip to the continent? With travel time, would it be worth it to go just for a couple of days? Remember that not everyone will be able to book time off work last minute.

Although a trip to somewhere with sunshine and cheap cocktails is alluring, there are amazing hen weekend packages closer to home. In fact, there are plenty of UK cities for great hen weekends. Why not head for a spa day in Nottingham, or sip cocktails on the Thames in London, or go and paint the ‘Toon’ red in Newcastle.

Get the payment upfront

If you are arranging everything yourself, make sure you get the payments up front. It’s important to fully explain and provide details of what exactly the money is covering such as flights, hotels, and any activities you have planned. The average cost of attending a hen do is now well over £150, and this can go up in price if, like many hen dos, the party lasts all weekend.

If you don’t want to be completely responsible (for nagging the hen party guests) then hen weekend packages could be even more appealing. Maximise will chase up payments from each of your invitees and keep track of who owes what.