What to Buy the Man Who Has Everything for Christmas

Over time, men usually acquire all the toys and tech that they’ve always wanted. This makes that time of the year when Christmas is only days away more and more difficult. You simply don’t know what to get, as they seem to have everything. Luckily, there’s a lot more out there that can warm your male gift receiver’s heart.

From useful items to unforgettable gifts that are bound to provide a lifetime of sentimental value, these gifts are a step above your standard shampoo and conditioner set, but don’t require a second mortgage to acquire. Here’s a quick list that’s sure to keep your options open for years to come.

High Quality Cologne

Scented deodorant is generally reserved for teenagers. A modern man requires his own scent with the help of a high-quality cologne. You can shop original fragrance for men at Maple Prime, where a variety of options are available, from entry level bottles to the very best scents money can buy. Fast shipping and 24/7 support ensure that you’ll get yours in time.

GymShark Fitness Gear

Nike and Adidas are cool, but few sportswear brands can compare in terms of quality to Gymshark. While on the higher end of the price spectrum, their clothes are guaranteed to outlast everything else in his wardrobe. They’re also stylishly neutral; sufficient enough to satisfy the pickiest man.

Cozy Socks

Nothing beats a quirkily designed pair of Happy Socks to hide under your suit pants. If you’re looking for a pricier but more staggering set, look no further than London Sock Co’s Sartorial Socks Set. This set includes an impressive 15 pairs of the highest quality material to hug your favorite man’s feet.

Nap Pillow

Nothing beats a convenient dose of comfort for long haul flights and longer drives. The Casper nap pillow is small, comfortable and comes with a free carry bag to help him relax wherever he goes.

Punkt MB 01 Phone

For guys who constantly complain about the endless stream of notifications their smartphones assault them with, introduce them to a bit of minimalism. The Punkt MB 01 does little more than send calls and texts, but still looks super stylish. A perfect gift for those who enjoy the occasional getaway.

Quality Poker Cards

We’re not talking about those cardboard packs you get at your corner store. We’re talking about the Hermes L’Effet Domino poker cards. They’re not only exquisitely designed, but also double as great coffee table additions.

Moleskine Notebook

Even if he barely picks up a pen, any man will appreciate the opportunity to open up and make use of a fresh, high quality notebook. And notebooks don’t get much better than those made by Moleskine. A classic book and pen set won’t set you back more than $30 and will last as a thoughtful gift until the very last page.

As you can see, thoughtful gifts that will be loved for years to come don’t have to cost you your entire Christmas budget. What’s the most thoughtful gift you’ve ever received? Let us know in the comments below.