When Two Become One: Top Tips For Couples Moving In Together For The First Time

In life, very few moments can match the excitement of reaching a point in a relationship where moving in together feels right. Whether you were childhood sweethearts or are two divorced parents that have been through the process before doesn’t matter. Trading two homes into one is a major milestone in your lives and is one that you need to get right.   

Even if you’ve been there are done it before, equipping yourself with the right advice is essential. Focus on each of these four points below, and you won’t go far wrong.

#1. Seek Professional Help

 This is probably the most difficult type of move that anyone will ever encounter. After all, you have to go through the process of selling two homes as well as finding the perfect one to buy. When you consider the chains involved too, it can get a little messy.

When looking for a property, you need to have the right real estate team on your team. Visit for more info on what’s available, along as individual circumstances. Gain that sense of control early on, and it will serve you well throughout the process.

Due to the nature of this purchase, it may be worth selling one home before living temporarily in the other before completing the move. If it removes one of the potential hurdles that could disrupt your future move, it has to be worth consideration.

#2. Take A Practical Approach

 There is a good chance that you’ll be moving into a bigger home. Or if you are youngsters leaving family homes for the first time, you’ll at least be gaining more space to call your own. However, you probably won’t be moving into a home that’s two times the size. Moreover, many duplicate items won’t be necessary.

It’s well worth going through your possessions as a couple to decide what’s needed and what isn’t. More importantly, though, you need to prepare any children for the move. After all, this move is very daunting for them, even if it doesn’t faze you. Without those precautions, minor obstacles can turn into serious problems.

Another aspect that needs to be considered is the financial commitment. Bills should be split fairly, whether that be evenly or weighted by your individual salaries. Meanwhile, if your previous properties sold for vastly different sums, you may want to factor this in with legal documents. Good organization will smooth over many teething problems.

#3. Have A Joint Vision

 Once you enter the new home, you’ll inevitably want to change a few things to suit your personal preferences. But you must remember that as a couple, you each have a responsibility to appreciate your partner’s ideas. The best way to achieve this is to make decisions as a couple.

In truth, it’s best to maintain the practical approach. Find out about eco-friendly upgrades at, and you won’t regret it. Meanwhile, decorative items like family photos that can be enjoyed by all are often better than items with distinct tastes.

There’s nothing wrong with having designated spaces too. For example, a games room or a relaxed conservatory may be suited for one person more than the other. Nonetheless, it’s important that the bedroom and living areas keep you both smiling. Fail to achieve this and disagreements will soon occur.