Winter Self-Care Tips for Foster Carers

Fostering is an unbelievably worthwhile and rewarding thing to do. It’s a great way to help children by providing love and security, and it can significantly benefit your family. But at times, caring for children can be stressful. It can seem easier to find ways to unwind in the summer, with simple things like a summer walk, reading a book in the garden, and taking a family trip. Self-care is more important in winter than ever, but it can feel harder to achieve. Here’s a look at some ways that foster carers can practice self-care in the winter. 

Find Your Tribe

Having friends and family around you is important. But as a foster carer, it can also be great to get support and advice from your foster agency and other foster carers. Making friends with other carers and getting involved in the fostering community can provide a valuable support network and give you a great way to de-stress. Take a look at for information and advice on all things fostering. 

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Go for a Walk

Walking might not be as appealing in the winter, but it can still be a fantastic activity and an excellent form of self-care. Whether it’s a quick stroll on your own after dinner to enjoy some fresh air and peace or a longer family hike to explore nature and spend time together away from the stresses of home, getting out for a walk is good for your mental health and well-being, and fantastic exercise. 

Take a Bubble Bath

After a long day, there’s little more relaxing than a hot soak in the bath. Take some scented candles, a warm drink and a good book for the ultimate relaxing treat. A bath can also help you to sleep. 

Take the Kids Swimming

Self-care doesn’t have to mean being alone. Having fun with your family away from the stresses of home life is a great way to boost your mood and mental health. Swimming is great in the winter because the weather doesn’t make any difference. You’ll love watching the kids have fun in the water, and their skill and confidence develop, and they’ll relax doing something fun with you. 

Go Ice Skating

Ice skating is another fun family activity that can boost your mood, and it’s perfect in the winter. Ice skating will help you to get into the fun of the season.

Embrace Cosy Days in 

Many parents and carers feel guilty in winter if they spend more time at home. But going out when the weather is bad is sometimes hard work. Instead of feeling bad, embrace cosy days at home watching family movies, playing board games, and even letting the kids indulge in extra screen time while you relax with a good book. 

Get into Health Habits

In winter, it’s easy for bad habits like eating more, exercising less and sleeping late to set it. But sticking to good habits can help you to feel more positive and energetic. Try to eat healthily with occasional treats, exercise daily, stick to good sleep habits, and encourage your family to do the same. 

Cold weather, busy Christmas preparations and other stresses can make winter a hectic time for all of us. Taking some time to practice self-care can help you be a better carer and enjoy the season and everything it brings.