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You Classy Mother Trucker: How To Steer A Trucking Startup To Success

Trucking is a very noble profession and is one that enjoys an increased level of demand as the business world gets smaller and smaller. As such, it is naturally a very appealing business prospect for any modern entrepreneur. Frankly, that shouldn’t be any different just because you’re a woman.

Transportation industries are among the leading candidates that are crying out for a female presence. Therefore, achieving success as the head of a trucking firm transcends personal accomplishment. It can actively aid the fight for gender equality too. If that doesn’t make you one awesome mother trucker, then what will?

A passion for the business is just the start, though. If you truly want to kick your venture into top gear, these six awesome tips are vital.

Image | The road to success awaits.

#1. Know Your Place

Trucking is a surprisingly varied industry, and your business could take a number of routes on the road to success. Naturally, this decision will have a big impact on your future performances and opportunities in business.

It’s likely that your business will focus on delivering items on behalf of other companies, helping several firms serve their clients. However, you may also look at becoming a home moving specialist to enable homeowners to enjoy a smooth transit. Alternatively, you could be tasked with the road aspects of inter-modal freight transport.

There’s also a possibility that the trucking firm will be a part of a bigger company that manufactures and sells it products too. Each option has positives and negatives. Researching the options to find what works for you is vital. Take the wrong turn, and the company will be destined for failure before even reaching first gear.

#2. Build A Winning Team

Productivity will be very limited when you only have one driver on the firm. Given that there’s also admin and handling to consider too, running the business with one pair of hands is impossible. As with most business models, the employees can be your greatest asset or Achilles heel. Ensuring it’s the former is vital.

Image | You’re only as strong as your team

This is a great opportunity to break those walls down by hiring female truckers as well as male ones. A recruitment drive should extend to admin staff, marketing experts, and client care professionals. With those foundations in place, the venture is set for far greater results from day one.

Staff motivation is an equally important factor for ongoing success, which is why fair pay and regular perks are key. Trucking can be quite lonely, so enjoying a sense of camaraderie where possible can make a world of difference. On a separate note, regular training and staff investments are great tools for continued development.

#3. Keep Costs Down

Like any other business model, the stages of establishing the company are often the toughest on your pocket. You cannot expect to boast a huge client base on day one. With reduced overheads, though, the pressure for instant revenue will be far smaller. If nothing else, it’ll maximise profit levels to accelerate your progress.

Depending on the location and nature of the business, it may be possible to operate the office admin work from home. Alternatively, you could outsource those tasks to be handled remotely. This means you’ll just need storage space for the trucks themselves. As for the fleet itself, rentals are a great option. View these truck financing details to learn more. You will not regret it.

The business venture may eventually look at buying its vehicles outright and having a bigger HQ. For now, if you can maintain a professional appearance on a shoestring budget, you should grab those opportunities with both hands.       

#4. Build A Strong Presence

First impressions count for everything in the trucking industries. Whether clients are individuals or companies, they need to place trust in the company. Therefore, creating a strong brand image counts for a lot.

Image | The need for a strong presence is greater than ever

A well-designed website can have a huge impact, especially when it’s supported by a strong SEO ranking. Meanwhile, you should learn how positive testimonials and referrals can bring new custom to your door. Recommendations are the most powerful tool at your disposal. This is because potential clients are likely to trust the words of outsiders over your fancy ads.

Other simple ideas can include registering the company to a virtual address and building a strong social media following. Similarly, the opportunity to compete for business awards can have a stunning impact on the way you are perceived by outsiders. Do not overlook it for a second.

#5. Play The Long Game

While there is a need for immediate returns, sustainability should be the main aim of your venture. For trucking companies working on behalf of other businesses, a large client base isn’t always necessary. In truth, it’s far more important to win over clients who remain loyal. The first challenge, however, is gaining their interest in the first place.

 All businesses (and individual customers) seek value. Therefore, sacrificing some of the short-term profits in order to clinch their custom can be the key to success. Even if it means offering a free trial of your services, it gives you a brilliant opportunity to prove your worth. When they see that your services can actively boost their services, they’ll be very likely to become loyal clients.

The biggest clients could be worth thousands of dollars each week. Missing out on this due to a shortsighted approach would be nothing short of a disaster. Keep your eyes on the big picture, and you won’t go far wrong.

#6. Think About Expansions


Image | Managing secondary locations is easier than ever

Another aspect of seeing the big picture is to look at the chance to expand. It’s a big world out there. Whether it’s on the domestic scene or an international one, opening new trucking depots allows you to serve a larger area with ease. Sometimes, clients will not work with companies that do not boast a local presence, so getting this right is vital.

There are many ways to handle this type of expansion. Whether you turn the business into a franchise opportunity or play an active role in each new location is up to you. Either way, obtaining profits in several areas will build the overall returns too. Even if those secondary operations only improve things slightly, the impacts will be huge.

Besides, this is a great way to further increase the presence of the company. By now, you probably feel ready to get behind the wheel of your business vehicle. Good truck!