Online Gambling Tips for Beginners

Online gambling can be a fun hobby, and with so many online casinos to choose from, a beginner might not know where to start. Even seasoned real-life gamblers may become a bit lost in the world of online gambling. There’s a lot of reputable online casinos out there, you can play casino games online via or other websites with verifiable track-records (more on that later in this article).

In this article, we’ll share some helpful tips for online casino beginners. Some of these tips may seem like “common sense”, but it’s very easy for common sense to fly out the door during the thrill of gambling. So maybe tape them to your screen as a reminder.

Play for fun first, profit second

Treating online gambling as a form of income is a terrible approach. Gambling is a pastime, not a career. Of course you want to win more than you lose, but that boils down to quitting while you’re ahead. There’s no game strategy that guarantees you huge earnings in any form of gambling. There are betting strategies for many games, but these are focused on short-term profit, and keeping you in the game longer. At a certain point, all betting strategies introduce high-risk.

The only reliable method of winning more than you lose, is walking away from the game when you’re doing well (or doing poorly). Set a realistic amount you’ll walk away with. For example, if you bring $50 to a Blackjack table, and you’re betting $5 per hand, be satisfied if you earn +$20 in profit. On the flip-side, walk away from the table if you’re down -$20. Don’t lose your entire bankroll trying to earn back what you’ve lost.

Subtract your winnings from your bankroll

Beginners fall into the trap of using their winnings to increase their bankroll. If you bring $50 to a game, and earn $50, you now have $100 to gamble with, right? But it’s much smarter to pocket your winnings, and stick to your original bankroll. This eliminates the risk of losing everything on a cocky bet, or if you go on a losing streak.

Think of it this way: If you start with $50, and you earn $20, you should only have your original $50 to continue gambling with. You do not use your winnings to increase your bets. Because if you lose the next few hands and you’re down $20, you can walk away, and your winnings made you break even. That’s really the best approach for a beginner to online gambling – trying to break even, with maybe a small profit on the side.

Check the casino, and don’t blame the software

It’s common to feel like the game is “rigged” when you’re on a losing streak. There’s no way the dealer can get 3 Blackjacks in a row, right? Surely the software is cheating. You should know that things that appear as anomalies can actually be statistically in line. When you consider the statistics of how a million hands would play out, strange little occurrences no longer seem to be strange. There’s so many variables in card games, nothing is truly impossible.

However, that’s not to say some online casinos aren’t cheating. It would be wise to read reviews for any online casino you’re considering playing at, but also be aware reviews can be bought. It’s best to consult a list of ‘blacklisted’ casino sites from a reputable source, such as the list maintained on Wizard of Odds. They do a great job updating the list with online casinos that have rigged software, poor customer service, and other things that make them places to avoid.

Read the bonus terms

Most online casinos offer attractive bonuses, but make sure you read the fine print of the bonus terms. Some casinos for example require that you gamble with your deposit, not just the bonus. Others don’t allow you to withdraw your deposit after winning with bonus wagers.

Many casinos do these types of things to protect themselves from “bonus abuse”, such as one person making many accounts to take advantage of bonus offerings. But some online casinos are actually trying to rip you off with handicapped bonus terms. You should never sign up for an online casino simply based on their bonus offerings, always read the terms and conditions thoroughly.