3 Essential Techniques To Get Your Home Ready For A Viewing


If you’re putting your house on the market, you have to realise that people will soon be round to view it. As a consequence, you need to ensure they have a nice house to view. If you leave your home all messy and untidy, it’s not going to make any potential buyers interested in your property.

Having said that, here are a few tips you should pay attention to, so you can get your property ready.

Give Your House A Proper Clean

You need to present a nice clean house for all your visitors to see. When I say give it a proper clean, I mean a proper clean, not just a light dust and vacuum. It might even be worth getting a cleaning company in to do a professional job too. As you can see on, some companies offer steam cleaning, which is the best way to clean stains out of a carpet. Either way, whether you do things yourself or hire a company, you need to clean your home from top to bottom, so it looks brand new.

De-Personalise Your House

Is de-personalise a word or have I just created one? Regardless, you need to remove any personal items from your home while you have it up for sale. To be honest, you’ll have to do this at some point when you move out, so you’re just getting ahead on future tasks. The reason you do this is because people don’t want to see other families photos on the walls, and stuff really personal. It makes it harder for them to imagine the house being theirs; they can’t get your family out of their mind. But, if your walls are devoid of family photos, it doesn’t feel so much like they’re in someone else’s house, it feels like they’re in a property that could be theirs.

Tend To Any Minor Issues

Generally speaking, it doesn’t make sense to handle all the issues your home has before you sell. In a lot of cases, future owners will do some work on your property anyway, so there’s no reason to spend a lot on fixes. But, as it says on, there are a few home repairs that do make sense to make before you sell. So, tend to any minor issues, and your house will be more appealing to potential buyers.


Here we have a simple three-step plan to get your home ready for a viewing. One thing I’ll add is that you should try and be out of your house when people are viewing. Again, this relates back to the second point in that people want to imagine themselves living in your house. It’s hard to do if you’re sat there on the sofa, and it’s proper awkward too. So, go out to the shops or get some coffee! Now, you’ve put your home in the best position possible to turn some of these viewers into potential buyers. Who knows, you might get the bids flying in.