5 Bedroom Upgrades for 2018

Have you ever wondered how much time you spend in your bedroom? According to research and calculations from The Guardian, we spend approximately 9,125 days of our lives in bed. That’s a lot of time to spend in one place, so we might as well make the most of it and turn it into the bedroom of our dreams. There are plenty of upgrades you can do to give your bedroom a refresh or total redesign, here are five favorites to get you started.

Reimagine your bedroom furniture

Your bedroom furniture doesn’t have to consist of a standard bed frame and night table engulfing your room. Instead, you can create the illusion of more space by ditching the headboard altogether and painting a motif on the wall behind your mattress that speaks to your signature style.

For the nightstand, choosing a small table will make your room feel even bigger. Or you can opt for a mirrored chest to draw more light into your room and brighten it up. And if you’re low on storage and need a multi-purpose nightstand, look for one that offers open shelving or a pull-out tray.

Personalize your space

Your bedroom should capture your personality and lifestyle with the appropriate personalized touches and accents. Add a colorful photo gallery to your wall or frame your favorite postcards to show off your recent travels.

Your choice of color palette can also enhance your personalized preferences. For example, use sea blue and cottage white to paint the walls showcasing your travel photos and postcards to create the feeling you’re still traveling. You can also add splashes of your favorite bright yellows and fiery reds without overwhelming the room by choosing painted nightstands or colorful throw pillows.

Sleep like royalty

A bedroom upgrade isn’t complete without throwing out your old bedding and retiring those worn-out pillows. Start fresh and look for impossibly soft sheets with at least 200 thread count and plush duvet covers. Pickup hypoallergenic memory foam pillows and a mattress topper to give your joints more comfort and create the feeling you’re sleeping like royalty.

When you make up your mattress with your new bedding, take the time to spray it with diluted essential oils. Lavender can help relax you for a good night’s sleep while keeping your bedding smelling amazing.

Create a reading corner

Your bedroom should be a sacred sanctuary for sleep, but you can give just enough space for a reading corner to enjoy before crawling into bed. Think about how a hotel adds a small desk and chair despite its cozy quarter. You still have space to read, write and stretch out without getting cramped. Create that luxury hotel feeling at home by adding a comfortable loveseat or recliner with a small side table and fresh flowers. Remember to keep a reading light nearby and a journal to jot down ideas.

Add a tech upgrade

Today’s homes are smarter than ever, and bedrooms are no exception. For starters, a Phillips wake-up light can gradually wake you up with the help of light therapy to help improve your sleep and energy levels. Motion-activated lights under your bed can softly illuminate when you hop out of bed to use the bathroom in the middle of the night without needing to reach for a light switch. But to get all of your devices in your bedroom hyper-connected from your fan to the lights in your bathroom, use a Wemo switch to turn them off and on right from your smartphone without getting out of bed.

Your bedroom upgrades should reignite your imagination for what’s possible. Don’t settle for space you just go to sleep in, reinvent it to symbolize the place you want to spend the most time in. Start with the areas that matter to you most and add on to create your dream bedroom.