Be More With Less: Using Creativity To Be A Minimalist

The world seems to be full of an awful lot of white noise, so it is quite nice when you stumble across something that makes you put down your phone and think for a minute. That is exactly what happened to us yesterday when we say the words “Be More With Less” written across the top of a minimalist lifestyle blog. The reason it stopped us in our tracks is it hit a nerve. It told the truth in four words.

We all have so much stuff. Let us rephrase. We all have too much stuff, and the more we have the more tied down we feel, and that is hardly the recipe for happiness. Of course, happiness isn’t the only reason we may need to declutter. It could also be a matter of space, a matter of downsizing, a matter of wanting to live the #vanlife.

With that in mind, we have pulled together a list of super-creative ways you can declutter your life and enjoy being more with less. It will be totally worth it.

  1. Time Yourself With A Trash Bag

The sooner you adopt this tactic in your decluttering journey the easier it will be. Basically, what you do is, grab a large trash bag, set the timer on your phone and see how quickly you can fill it. If you do this way faster than you thought possible, then it could be worth employing this tactic again. Most of what you pick up will be trash, and so you will probably want to use a skip bin hire company asap. However, you could also go down this decluttering route and see how quickly you can fill a bag for the people at Goodwill.

  1. Give It Away, Give It Away Now

On our search for decluttering tips and tricks, we stumbled across a website called 365 Less Things and a challenge that sees you give away one thing every day for a year. That’s right; one item every day for 365 days and, with January first fast approaching, there could be no better time to start. You won’t feel the immediate loss of things but, after a few months, you will reap the rewards through a truly magical transformation.

  1. Reverse Your Hangers Today

This is creative tip was given a huge amount of airtime by a little-known person called Oprah. Anyway, what you need to do is, take all the clothes out of your closet and hang them in the opposite direction to normal. Then, when you wear an item, put it back on its hanger but turn it the correct direction. That way you will know what you wear and what you don’t and, after six or so months, you will know exactly what items never get a look-in. That’s when you will want to wave goodbye to these items.

  1. Change The Rules With Hindsight

Go through your home – your closet, your drawers, your kitchen, your living room, everywhere – and look at each piece again. Look at it and decide a) whether you buy it again or not and b) how much you would pay for it this time around. If the answer is, yes, you would buy it again and pay a substantial amount, then, by all means, keep it. Otherwise, lighten your load a little.