Brighten Up Your Home This Winter with These Three Simple Tricks

 One of the worst things about winter is the lack of light. With the days tending to be short, grey, and overcast, lots of people find that their home becomes increasingly gloomy, and it can get you down. Nothing will make you feel less motivated than coming home at the end of a long day at work, and switching on your lights only to find that they make very little difference.

To save yourself from feeling SAD, it’s important to effect some changes. Going home to a darkened house can make you very down and gloomy, so the trick is to keep things as light and bright as possible. If you need a little inspiration to help your home dazzle, then here are three simple tricks to try…


#1: A Lick of Paint

One of the easiest ways to brighten up your home also happens to be very cheap and economical: applying a lick of paint. White and cream walls can do wonders for those whose homes are small and dark, and they’ll make your rooms seem much bigger too. It’s a good idea to pop down to your nearest DIY store and see what’s available. Whilst you’re there, spend some time looking in the home section, to see if you can find any light accessories to enhance your new look. If you don’t want to lose your sense of individuality entirely, then simply paint three walls in each room, leaving the fourth to create a nice contrast without minimising your light.

#2: Add Mirrors

Another simple and cost-effective method for brightening up your home is to add some more mirrors. The appearance of light and space often go hand in hand, so improving one will usually have a knock on effect on the other. Adding mirrors to every room is a great way to increase both, as it will create the optical illusion of bigger spaces, whilst also reflecting any light back into your home. Mirrors can be picked up very cheaply from eBay and your local DIY shop, and hung anywhere in your property: above the mantelpiece, around your bedroom, and even over your kitchen sink.


#3: Add More Lights

Perhaps the most obvious, and yet frequently forgotten, way to brighten up your home is simply by adding more light sources. Investing in multi-bulb fixtures from companies like Bulbs2go can do wonders for lighting up a room, but if you like your current look, there are also smaller furnishings that you can add to your décor. Take the time to look for some lamps on eBay, or pick up fairy lights from your local DIY shop and drape them around your bedposts. For a really cheap option, invest in some candles and remember to light them each evening; after all, there are few things as enchanting or as cosy as the smell of burning wax and the flicker of flames.

Brighten up your nights this winter with these three simple tricks.