Ceiling To Floor: 6 Steps To Deep Cleaning Your Home

There’s cleaning, and there’s deep cleaning. Cleaning your home is part of your weekly routine. You tidy, dust, vacuum, etc. This is fine for most of the year. But every so often you need to go a little further and clean your home from top to bottom. It can be a little time-consuming, but the results are well worth it. Your home will look, feel, and smell clean and fresh.

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1. When To Call In The Specialists

There are certain times when you need to enlist the help of a specialist service. For example, if the unthinkable has happened and you’ve had a house fire. In this instance, a fire damage restoration company will clean the area, remove odors, and get you back to normal. Other instances when you should call in the experts include:

  • Sewage leak

  • Flood

  • Bug infestation

  • Complex carpet cleaning

  • Deep upholstery cleaning

2. Tidy

Before you begin cleaning, it’s a good idea to clear the area of clutter. Put everything away so that the room you’re working on is tidy. Baskets are useful as you can quickly gather stray items together.

3. Start At The Top

When you deep clean, you should start at the top. I.e. Start with the ceilings. Remove any dust or cobwebs that have accumulated in corners or moldings. Takedown light shades and fitments and clean them also. Pay attention to walls also. Dust and cobwebs can collect on picture rails and pictures. A feather duster with a long handle is useful for dusting ceilings. You may also need some ladders.

It makes sense to start at the top of the room. If you leave this part until later, the dust will fall onto areas you already cleaned.

4. Windows

Cleaning the windows is a job in itself, but it has to be done. Start by vacuuming the area. Remove as much dust and grime as you can. Then use a good window cleaner and spritz the frames. Many people swear by their own home cleaning solutions. Don’t forget to clean the frames and sills. Use cleaning products that are suitable for the material and won’t cause damage.

5. Surfaces

Next, remove ornaments, books, and knick-knacks from surfaces. Clean each item individually and clean the surfaces before replacing them. If you have bookcases, this could take some time.

6. Floors

The last part of the room you should clean is the floor. Vacuuming is probably the quickest and easiest way to go about this. Make sure you choose the correct setting for the wooden floor. As you’re deep cleaning, you need to clean the whole area. This will mean moving furniture.

Once you have removed surface dirt, you can go one step further and shampoo your carpets. For other surfaces, a steam cleaner is useful. If possible, opt for a multi-purpose tool that you can use all over the house. It will save you money on cleaning products and make cleaning safer.

Use this template for the whole house. You will need to spend more time in the kitchen and bathroom, but the same principles apply. Start with the ceiling and work your way down. Go through the house one room at a time. It may be time-consuming, but the results will be worth it.