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Check You Out! Tips For An Upmarket Home

Sometimes, you walk into someone’s home, and you just know that it’s expensive. You know: the kind of property where you feel as though you have to leave your shoes outside the door! The decor and the vibe scream ‘high-end,’ and you wonder how long it took them to save up for a house like this. The truth is, however, that it may not have actually cost the homeowner all that much to create this look. By being clever with your purchases, you can easily make your home look much more upmarket than it actually is – if that is the look you want to go for. Here are some sure-fire ways you can bring the expensive, luxury look to your property, even if a full remodel is totally out of your budget.

Choose a color scheme…

… and stick to it! If you are a lover of all things bright and beautiful, you may have a hard time with this one. But having a fixed color palette is the number one rule for creating a home that appears high-end. Sure, a lot of people love bright colors; they can lift our mood and make a room look much more inviting. But if every room in your home features ten or more different colors going on at once, the whole thing can look overly busy. By focusing your mind on a specific few colors, you can tie your rooms together much more easily, and it creates a more grown-up, sophisticated look. It doesn’t have to be all monochrome and minimalist either. Why not pair base colors of white and gray with a pop of canary yellow, for a more mature take on your love of bright colors?

Replace your flooring

Even if the rest of your home is covered in sparkling chandeliers and prime leather couches, dated or cheap looking flooring can easily let the whole look down. Perhaps you are still sporting the old stained carpet your property came with when you bought it ten years ago, or perhaps the lino that you had put down has started cracking and generally looking a bit worn. Take the time to speak to a flooring consultant about some new flooring options for you, and see how they can completely transform a room. Some upmarket options include stone and marble, or high-quality carpet made from only the best wool.

Display some art

One thing all fancy houses have in common is the beautiful display of art on every wall going. The key to getting your art right is to pick your pieces wisely and not to overdo it. If you have a particularly large, eye-catching piece in mind, make it the focal point of your room with a flashy frame. If you have lots of smaller prints in mind that you can’t decide from, arrange them in a grid for you and your guests to peruse at leisure. Some simple black frames will look elegant and understated, and they are relatively inexpensive from most major retailers too.