Cool Cafe Interior Trends

There’s nothing better than sitting in a cafe, drinking your coffee of choice and reading a book, working, or chilling with friends. If you’re planning to redesign your cafe, check out TU Projects for the best in interior design.

Whether you prefer a hip cafe or something small and cozy, here are some cool cafe interior trends:


Flowers Galore

Regardless of the season, flowers add a splash of colour, freshen the air, and look great on tabletops, front doorways and windows. This isn’t the typical bouquet you’d find in your local supermarket, but curated bunches with blooms from the season and plenty of greenery. Some cafes take this to the limit by incorporating vertical herb gardens and leafy feature walls into their design to create an oasis that can be enjoyed by customers throughout the year.

Different Seating Arrangements

Untraditional arrangements for seating have become normal, especially with sidewalk cafes. No longer will you see the old-school plastic restaurant chairs from the early 2000’s, and instead you’ll find long bench seats, padded milk crates, high bar stools, mismatched antique chairs and colourful cushions.

Open Kitchens

Commercial kitchens in cafes have begun switching to open-plan designs instead of being hidden away out the back. Many restaurants and cafes are focusing on bringing their kitchens into their cafes and making the space a feature, enjoying popularity with visitors who like to see where their coffee and food is made.


Textures that Clash

Clashing textures are a trend for cafe interiors that is continuing to grow in popularity as we move into the warmer months. Cafes used to create interest using patterns and colours, however many are now opting for more of a minimalist approach and using clashing textures to create detail. Picture concrete, recycled wood tables, copper fixtures, iron bars, marble bench tops, shaggy pillows and white shelves.

Artisan Elements

From crochet and macrame to basketry and tassels, weaving is officially on-trend. Cafe owners are buying both globally and locally made goods and mixing artisanal and vintage items with goods that are mass produced.

Geometric Tiles

While decorative backsplashes have been popular for a long time now, Cafe owners are now gravitating towards geometric patterns featuring fluid movement. Wood and cement are both playing significant roles in achieving this, and whether it’s an intricately patterned countertop, floor or backsplash, fluid geometry will be a big part f cafe interior design in 2016.

Metals and Metallics

Gold, brass and metallic finishes are currently popular, so many cafes are embracing retro bling and incorporating looks from the 1950’s and 1970’s.


Anyone who has been trawling Pinterest won’t be surprised to learn that rustic is most definitely in. Think worn-looking edges on blackboards, makeshift crockery and unpolished floors, along with rust colours, slates and timbers.

Local Artists

Many cafe owners are sourcing art from local artists, and customers enjoy seeing them supporting local businesses. It’s also common to see price tags on sculptures and paintings so if customers fall in love with a piece of art they can have the artists details or take it home that day.