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Designing a luxury bedroom

A beautifully designed and luxurious bedroom can boost the value of your home in more ways than simply enhancing your ability to ask for higher prices in the real estate market. The bedroom is where we find relief and relaxation after a particularly tough day. It’s where we snuggle up with our partner at night, or laze around on the weekend when we don’t want to change out of our PJs.

As a romantic, comforting and essential part of the home, it’s crucial not to overlook your bedroom when you’re looking for ways to redesign and enhance your home. How can you look for ways to decorate and design a luxury bedroom, without breaking the bank? Here, we’ll take a look at some simple tips that could help you to create your dream bedroom while staying in budget.

Use plenty of plush pillows

There’s something inherently luxurious about a bedroom that’s overflowing with pillows. Plush pillows can be scattered across your bed, on your dresser, and even on a chair near your makeup mirror to draw attention to the comfort of your favourite room. Choose colours that match with your specific theme, and try to stick to materials that are synonymous with luxury, such as velvet or silk.


Install solid shutters

The bedroom is a place where you want to have absolute privacy. If you’re the kind of person who simply can’t sleep without the room being bathed in darkness, then having solid window shutters installed will help to give you the sanctuary that you need for the ultimate night’s rest. What’s more, they’re available in a range of designs that can help to give your room an extra touch of elegance over standard curtains or blinds.

Focus on statement pieces

Making your bedroom more luxurious while ensuring that you stay within your allocated budget means finding a few pieces around the room to which you want to draw attention. For instance, a wooden bedframe that drips seduction or a gorgeous gilded dresser can help to instantly spruce up your bedroom without forcing you to invest in a full matching set of furniture. Make sure that when you’re using statement pieces, you remove as much clutter from the rest of the room as possible to ensure that your designated items draw the eye.

Add a place to sit

It might not seem incredibly luxurious to have a seat in your bedroom, but when you consider the fact that some of the highest-end hotel rooms and luxury bedrooms in the world come with plush chairs for their owners to sit in while they’re lounging around and reading a book, you can see how a single chair could add elegance to your bedroom. A good spot to sit down also means that you can gradually enjoy waking up or going to bed without the only piece of furniture in your bedroom being the bed.

Keep technology elsewhere

Although you might think that a huge flat-screen television adds luxury to your living room, it doesn’t have the same impact in your bedroom. Your bedroom is all about rest, relaxation and occasionally other romantic things, which means that you don’t need consoles or televisions in there to add luxury. Elegance and refinement should focus around the comfort that you can get in your room, from soft rugs on the floor, to your matching throw cushions.

Add plants

One quick and simple way to upgrade any room from average to glamorous is to introduce something green. Plants and flowers make your bedroom look more expensive and refined, while giving you that touch of outdoor nature that should help you to feel more comfortable and revived in the morning. No matter whether you choose a single flower or a large fern, a plant can give your room that final leap that it needs into luxury.

Keep things tidy

Finally, if you want your bedroom to look luxurious, then it shouldn’t be covered in clutter. For most people, this means installing plenty of storage solutions throughout the room that make managing everything from makeup to everyday accessories simpler. A clear and clean room will always look better than a room that’s overflowing with stuff.

Design the perfect luxury bedroom

There you have it – your luxury bedroom might be easier to achieve than you think. There are plenty of great ways that you can upgrade the feel and appearance of your bedroom with accessories, storage and plants – all without you having to break the bank.