From Wellbeing to Growing Your Own: How Your Garden Could Change Your Life

Many of us are looking for ways to enjoy healthier and happier lives these days. However, has a key element that could help us achieve that goal been right under our noses all along?

If you’re lucky enough to live in a property with a garden, that little bit of outdoor space could well be your secret weapon as you look to improve your lifestyle.

More than for entertainment

It can often be easy to think of gardens purely as space for entertaining or hosting barbecues for friends and family in the summer. Alternatively, if you have children, yours might simply be treated as a playground, with toys and all manner of items thrown across it on most days.

However, gardens of course have the potential to be much more than that and here we will look at just three ways that making proper use of your outdoor space could transform your life.

1. Wellbeing boost

Studies have shown in the past how spending time outside can be very good for you. For example, as ScienceDaily explains, the University of East Anglia published research in 2018 which revealed that time in greenspace can cut the risk of type II diabetes, high blood pressure, stress and other health conditions. However, other reports have also gone on to indicate how the simple act of gardening could offer up a welcome boost.

ScienceDirect.com details how a study published back in March 2017 analyzed the effects of gardening on human health, with case studies from the US and other areas including Europe and the Middle East included in the research. It found that the activity led to a reduction in mental health issues and body mass index, while there was also an increase in quality of life and general satisfaction. Put simply, all of the evidence suggests that getting out and sorting your garden could be good for you.

2. Growing your own

One potentially beneficial activity to consider using your garden for is growing your own vegetables. The University of New Hampshire argues that the move could give you access to food in its most nutritional form, while it again offers the health benefits of being active and out in the sunshine.

Furthermore, the university adds that the activity is good for the environment as it may cut the use of fossil fuel-based transportation, while it also details how it could provide a welcome boost to your bank balance by saving you money. So, why not create the right space to grow produce as well as some of the herbs and spices showcased on this site?

3. A financial lift

Sticking with the issue of financial wellbeing, creating the perfect outdoor haven which effectively combines elements for relaxing, creating and entertaining could even potentially increase the value of your home.

You could go about this in many ways, from small changes here and there to much larger projects. For the latter, one way to fund such work might be to remortgage. As online mortgage adviser service Trussle explains, this approach would see you borrow equity in your home and add it to your mortgage. Making the right changes may make your property both attractive to prospective buyers and more valuable too.

A vital tool

When all of that is considered, it is easy to see how gardens could be a vital tool as you look to boost your wellbeing and get more out of your living space.

Hopefully the ideas above have given you some inspiration on how you can get some fresh perspective on everything your garden has to offer.