How to Avoid the Five Most Expensive Home Repairs

Homeownership means more than just having a mortgage to pay. It also means making repairs to the home and surrounding property to maintain or increase its value.

Repairs can often be expensive and that is why preventive maintenance is so important. It is much more cost-effective to prevent damage than it is to repair it. The average homeowner spends around € 8,982.30 on home improvements.

Ideally, homeowners should have an emergency fund for the little things that come up along the way. In that case, things can be repaired quickly before they present a larger problem. Another tip is to check up on your insurance coverage. Your home insurance cover can provide financial help when expensive repairs are unavoidable. You should choose a comprehensive house insurance policy that covers accidents and unexpected emergencies for your Ireland home and property.

Out of all repairs that a homeowner can make in a lifetime, the most expensive ones are the ones that demand the most attention. Here is a list of things that can quickly drain the household budget.

  1. Foundation repair

Foundation repair is one area where you don’t want to cut corners. If there was any damage to the foundation, the home can become hazardous to live in. It is very difficult to estimate the cost of foundation repair since it will vary from home to home and state to state. The best recommendation best to call a local contractor to inquire about pricing.

  1. AC or Furnace Replacement

Your heating and cooling system has its work cut out in the summer. Periodic inspection and repair is needed to keep it in tip-top condition.  Replacing furnace filters, vacuuming the motor, and checking belts and pulleys is part of preventative maintenance.

Have your furnace and AC serviced twice per year, at the beginning of each summer and winter season. Periodically check your furnace filters and change as needed. Keeping your system clean is the key to keeping maintenance costs low.

  1. Ceiling Tiles and Walls Damaged by Leaks

Water damage is a common problem due to leaks from rain and broken pipes. Water damage can be quite expensive depending on how bad it is. It could cost you close to €1,347 for damaged ceiling repair, and even more if you have crown molding around the top.

One tip for preventing frozen pipes is to wrap or insulate them at the start of the winter season. The wrap resembles the same type of material used to make pool noodles. It split down the side and fits snugly over the pipe.

  1. Lawn Replacement

We all hate those weekends spent mowing and raking the lawn, but when your lawn has big brown spots, bare patches, or is missing sod it can be costly to restore it to its natural beauty.

Bad soil means that it doesn’t have enough nutrients for healthy growth and that is the reason for the bare spots. This can often be remedied with some fertilizer. Pick up an inexpensive soil testing kit the next time you are in Homebase or Lowe’s. The ph level of the soil will determine the type of fertilizer that will solve your problem.

  1. Tree Removal

Tree removal is another issues homeowners’ face. Sometimes a dead tree can pose serious risks of collapsing on your house or being uprooted in high winds. People who specialize in tree removal have to take extra precautions and so their service can get to be quite expensive, especially if you have more than one tree needing to be removed.

If you own an older house, be prepared to handle the costs of restoring and repairing it. Follow the tips outlined above to keep everything in good working order and avoid costly repairs.