How To Get The Contemporary Look

It’s obvious that the contemporary look is at the height of fashion at the moment. With styles changing all the time, it’s nearly impossible to know what’s going to be hot one week to the next! After all, things change in the modern world so rapidly. So, let’s have a look at some tips to help you get this trend in your home.


A good place to start when looking to Improve your interior and is nearly always the main point in the room, no matter which style you’re going for! Stay away from patterned carpets and instead opt for something sleeker and neutral. Solid wood or luxury vinyl tiles will give you this smooth look, but opt for ones with relaxed grains, not too many imperfections! Although wood is often associated with older style homes, it will give you that gorgeous modern edge you’ve been after.  If you have a strict budget, then laminate can do the job just as well at a cheaper price!


Neutrals are the way forward and we can’t say no to white, magnolia and grey. If you’re after a bit more colour and character, then duck egg blue, teal or mint green will work wonders while still keeping things stylishly modern. Feature walls can work well too, even going for bold colours like dark green or blue. But just keep things tasteful!


Lighting is so important in the modern age, from selfies to interior. Metal light fixtures work a dream or if you’re wanting to go down the rustic route, wicker fixtures will add that bit of tasteful natural vibes to your room. You don’t have to stick to just white either – why not experiment with various colours such as blues, greens or even yellows?! Spotlights are another good trend, really adding luxury to your space.