How to Give your House a Spring Makeover

You may have spent more time indoors because of the winter season. You’re probably bored with your current décor setup. That’s why nothing beats the rejuvenating effect of a spring makeover to your home.

If you don’t know how to start and what decorations to put up, this article can help you. We will provide helpful tips from the expected shots of gold, energetic color to much-needed storage solutions.

Spring Makeover Tips for your Home

  1.       Add some vibrant add-ons.

When it comes to spring makeover, you need to remember that change in color palettes is essential. You can now choose brighter and bolder hits of color and keep those dark and plain textures you had last winter.

Since there are different colors to choose from, pick the color that feels entirely right for you and your home. You can choose from a vibrant shocking pink or a more subdued yet lively yellow. Whatever color you want, keep the look light by mixing electrifying colors in small doses like bud vases, pillows, and throw blankets. In this way, when the winter season comes around next, you can quickly swap out decorative summer extras for a more appropriate décor. 

  1.       Go for an accent wall.

You can add some depth to any room in your home by using some wall arts. You can choose any form of art you like or some Easter wall signs if you want. You don’t have to spend a fortune on these items. However, if you have a more flexible budget, you can have an accent wall boasting a graphic print to keep the looks even more impressive. 

  1.       Choose brighter rugs.

Any interior designer would agree that the best place to start a spring home makeover is through the flooring. You can select from different types of flooring to finishes. Consider different flooring solutions as a foundation or starting point during the interior design process.

Since spring is all about new beginnings, you can bring a room to life with a bold, vibrant rug that will surely awaken your senses. 

  1.       Incorporate some floral prints.

Another must-have when it comes to spring makeover are floral prints. Flowers represent spring, so it won’t hurt to have some touch of flowers in the house.

For a contemporary ambiance, go for modern takes, like playing with scale and color. You can go super-sized to add some visual weight to a room. 

  1.       Go for some soothing pastels.

There’s always something about the soothing feel of lighter pastel hues. Pastel colors emphasize how spring décor ideas can transform a space.

You can choose from powdery lilacs, soft, whispery blues, and faded yellows. You don’t need to cover a room from floor-to-ceiling with indulgent pastels completely. Instead, you can little doses of pastel colors via fresh linens, throw pillows and some decorative accessories.

Spring home makeover doesn’t have to be expensive. Sometimes, a mere switching of furniture can do the trick. All you need is your imagination, and the rest will come easy in decorating your home.