How to Make Your Home Look Larger Than It Is

Whether you are looking to sell your home or are simply tired of living in small rooms that make you feel boxed in, there are ways to make your home look larger than it is. Of course, when selling your home, space is second only to value, and so you will want your home to look as spacious as possible, without sacrificing function. For example, your kitchen area is quite small but obviously you can’t get rid of that double-door refrigerator or do away with the table. So, what can you do in this room and in every other area of your home to make it appear much larger than its true floor space? Consider the following tips.

Lose the Clutter!

Nothing makes a room seem cramped and small more than clutter. From piles of unread mail on table tops to an overabundance of photographs, figurines and vases, too much of a good thing is simply in poor taste. Not only will packing away those family treasures give the appearance of more space, but the average homebuyer wants to imagine their family in your home. If all they can envision is your family living there, it just won’t let them imagine what living there will be like for them. Leave as few personal pieces as possible out on display.

Neutral Light Colours Are a MUST

For years those dark blues, forest greens and reds were trending as popular wall colours. Much of the reason why they quickly faded from popularity is the fact that dark colours make a room appear smaller. As an example, people who are overweight are advised to wear black and other dark colours because they give the illusion that the body is smaller than it is. The same holds true of wall colours. Also, just as heavy people are advised against wearing patterns, so too is wallpaper taboo if you are seeking to give the illusion of size and space.

Let the Sun Shine In

Once you’ve accomplished the above, it’s time to think about lighting. No matter who you talk to, all home interior decorators are of a like mind when it comes to how light works to make even the smallest rooms appear much larger. The first thing to do is rid the rooms of dark, heavy curtains and tapestries. Sheer curtains work well because they let the natural sunlight filter in.

Creative Use of Artificial Light

You will find that interior decorators insist on as much artificial light as possible in rooms that lack an adequate amount of windows. In fact, even in rooms where there is ample natural light shining through in daytime hours, nights are often dark and dreary. Whether you are looking for overhead lights, floor lamps, wall sconces or table lamps, you can find exactly what you need on sites like Pagazzi Lighting. Along with pastels and neutral colours, brightly lit rooms will give the appearance of being so much larger than they truly are.

Downsize the Furniture

Finally, it’s really important to downsize furniture both in size and number. Never overcrowd your home with furniture that runs from wall to wall and never use furniture which is too big and gangly for the space you have available. Consider for a moment walking into a newly built home with no furnishings whatsoever. Most homebuyers get the illusion that the rooms are so much bigger than they really are and few actually take the time to ask for exact measurements. Those rooms surely look large enough to accommodate their existing furniture but when they move in, they find that several pieces must be omitted.

If you want to give the appearance of much more space than you truly have, just remember to remove clutter and any pieces which are too big. Focus on light and neutral colours, keeping your rooms brightly lit. Literally overnight that tiny cottage will be transformed into a spacious mansion. It’s miraculous, really, so give it a try!