How to Prepare Your Home for a Delightful Summer

Summer is officially upon us, which means it’s finally time to give your home the fresh, spring clean it deserves. Throughout the winter months, you fill your home with all kinds of thick, chunky materials and additional heat sources to keep you cosy and warm through the cold nights. With summer in the air, it’s time to embrace the fresh, warm weather and give your home a little lift. Here are a few key tips on how you can prepare your interiors for the warmer weather ahead…

Goodbye Winter

It becomes such a habit to purchase cinnamon scented candles, thick drapes and chunky knit blankets to keep you snuggly through winter, but it’s time to say goodbye to that for now. There are lots of seasonal items that people introduce to their homes to keep the right atmosphere and vibe, but it’s important to keep up with the seasons and switch up the décor when necessary. Put any wintery items such as heavily scented candles, blankets, throws and heaters into storage for the next few months, as this will help to lighten the interiors and also create some essential space for you.

Fresh Replacements

Nothing screams summer more than a beautiful arrangement of fresh flowers and some delicate linen curtains. Try to replace any wintery items with a summery alternative, such as flowers instead of your candles, brightly coloured scatter cushions instead of the chunky knit throw and some lighter bedding to help keep you cool at night. Once you’ve introduced these summery items to your home you will instantly notice a change in the atmosphere of each room. They will feel brighter, fresh and spacious, which is exactly what you want to achieve for the summertime.

Plenty of Air

Opening up your interiors to the fresh, summery air is really beneficial for both you and your home. By enabling fresh air to filter throughout your interiors you are able to create a really fresh, welcoming feel. Open up your windows and doors frequently and let the summer breeze drift through. It also helps to prevent your rooms from becoming dusty, as the delicate breeze can help to filter the room properly. You also find that fresh air is really good for your health. By sitting in a room with a delicate supply of fresh air filtering through, you’re able to relax, breathe in natural gases and of course, keep cool!


Every home is guilty of gathering a lot of rubbish over the winter months, especially the Christmas period. Now the warmer weather is here there is really no excuse for getting a few bin bags and throwing away any unwanted or unused rubbish that is cluttering up your home. Whether you decide to recycle certain items, give them to charity or just take them to the local tip, you can really make a difference to your interiors by stripping back the clutter and creating a fresh feel within each room.  Focus on the main rooms within the home such as the living room, kitchen and bedroom, as these are often the main areas that generate a lot of clutter and are also used the most.

Bright Touches

Summer is all about bright colours and fresh designs, so introducing a few pops of colour to your home will enhance that summery feel. You don’t have to go overboard and change your décor completely, simply investing in some colourful scatter cushions, a brightly coloured dining table cloth and even some bright artwork to place on the wall will really lift the atmosphere within each room. You can have so much fun adding colour to your interiors, just focus on what will work with your current décor and find the perfect pieces for you!