How To Update The Look Of Your Walls Without The Mess Of Paint

Are you upgrading your home and are looking for ways to make the process easy and mess-free? We are here to help you with the process. This article presents a quick guide to help you easily update the look of your walls without the mess of paint.

Yes, you have read that right. It is possible to upgrade your walls without paint with the help of wallpapers. The concept of wallpapers has existed since ancient times and has gone through various transformations over the years.

Today stick and remove wallpaper are trending in the world of interiors, with many people preferring them for their easy fix and easy remove convenience. Let us now take a look at how you can use these wallpapers to completely overhaul the appearance of your home.

Wallpapers will ease the process of updating your walls:

The latest trend, the peel and stick wallpapers, are easy to install. You can make the upgrade process a family affair by involving help from your family and friends. The ease of installation means that you would not need external support in the form of contractors to upgrade your walls.

When it is time for a change in décor, the older wallpapers come off quickly, leaving no residue behind. Your wall becomes a blank canvas for new wallpapers and an updated interior design. If you have a wallpapered room with cabinetry, you can use cabinet paint to pop the wallpaper. The same color as the cabinet trim will make the wallpaper look like part of the room.

Add a feature wall to your home:

Featured walls are the latest trend in wall designs. Choose a prominent wall such as the one behind your TV/entertainment unit in the living room or a diving wall in your dining area to be the feature/accent wall. This wall will be the highlight in your room, while you can keep the other walls neutral. For example, the black removable wallpaper from Love Vs. Design is an excellent choice to highlight a wall. Textures such as metallic add a luxurious look and feel to your accent wall.

Don’t forget the fifth wall!!!

The fifth wall is trending again. Wondering what fifth wall we are talking about? The ceiling. Yes!! This oft-neglected wall needs care too. When upgrading your walls, remember that you must upgrade your ceiling too.

To make a bold statement, you can use black removable wallpaper on the ceiling and cover the rest of the room in a neutral wallpaper of your choice.

Wallpapers are inexpensive and flexible:

The best part about using wallpapers is that they are inexpensive and convenient. You can easily choose and order wallpapers online, and they will arrive at your doorstep within a few days of placing your order.

To sum up, stick and remove wallpapers are an excellent way to upgrade your home. They are inexpensive, mess-free, easy to install, and easy to remove as well. In these pandemic times, when you are forced to spend most of your time at home and are planning an upgrade to take advantage of the lockdowns, these wallpapers are an easy choice.