Important Points to Consider When Selling Your Home

Getting prepared to sell your home is not an easy task. It’s confusing, has many parts to it and can be very competitive based on your neighbourhood and the state of your house. Not to mention the buyers who always want to pay considerably less than the asking price—even if there are no problems with the house! But whether you’re selling your home for the first time or if you’re just looking for a few tips to get you the best price, here are a couple of helpful tips.

To Use an Agent or Not to Use an Agent

The choice to hire an agent or not to hire an agent is completely up to you. Although selling a house without an agent is considerably more effort than doing it with one, the commission that agents take is usually about 5-6% which can be a lot of money depending on your house’s quality. Being able to replicate the work of an agent will be near impossible for any first-time house sellers, as real estate work comes down to doing research on your area, previously sold homes, networking and advertising. If you’re still adamant about doing the task yourself, then make sure you check out online resources, such as this article at, which gives some handy advice for first-time real estate brokers.

If dealing with agents or becoming your own broker sounds like too much work, you could always sell your home as-is with the help of a website like It’s important to note that if you do decide to sell your house “as is”, then you need to consider the amount of money you’re getting in return. Many services will offer you incredibly low prices because they focus on flipping homes more than providing you with a great service, so be on the lookout for untrustworthy buyers.

Clean Your Home and Make Sure It’s in a Good State

Cleaning your home before starting the sale is essential. Although it might seem like an issue to most people, too many people take pictures in houses where you can clearly see that there is dust on almost every piece of furniture and on the floor. Making sure that your home is in a good state before you try to sell it, which would mean checking for potential problems, such as leaks, mould, termites and foundation problems, is big in order to make sure that you don’t have to drive a buyer off.

Take Many Pictures and Including a Lot of Information

Taking many pictures of your home is a big part of getting a quick and reliable sell because many people start their hunt for a new home online. Having more than 6 pictures in your listing would mean that more people get a bigger understanding of what the house looks like. Too few pictures, however, and your listing could look a little suspicious and not receive much attention at all. Make sure you highlight the best parts of your home and give plenty of information about the property you’re selling.