Insanely Clever Marketing Tactics For Savvy Real Estate Sellers

Are you looking to sell your home or part of your real estate portfolio? If so, the chances are that you will go down the traditional route of employing a real estate agent and allowing them to proceed in the manner they feel best. They are the experts, after all, and in many cases will find you a buyer.

However, there are a few smart marketing tactics you should ensure your realtor is using if you want to attract the most interest for your property. And we’re going to explore a few of them with you today. Read on to find out more, and find a real estate agent that can offer some of these services – it might just make the difference and get you more potential buyers than you thought possible.

The virtual open house

Virtual open houses work in a couple of different ways. First of all, not everyone can attend your open house dates, so being able to take a virtual walk through your home can help them draw up a better picture of what it is like to live there. It’s also perfect for attracting interest from a wider base of locations. Your real estate agent will be marketing the property in specific areas, but anyone, from anywhere in the country, can use a virtual tour to check out your property.

Drone photography and movies

Drones have come a long way in the past few years, and many realtors are using them for real estate aerial photography and videos. It can help sell your home, as it gives an entirely new perspective on your location and its surroundings that you can’t even get from attending a viewing. Of course, drone photography and video only tend to work if you live in an attractive location, but it’s a useful tool in attracting more interest.

Invite the neighbors

Most people have open viewing days when selling their home, and it’s a great way for prospective buyers to come and have a good look at your property. But they will go back with one big question unanswered – what is the neighborhood like? A simple way to get around this is to invite your neighbors to the home viewing so that buyers can ask them questions, and find out for themselves if they fit in. You will also benefit from the fact that the viewing will look busy, which should tempt many potential buyers to make an offer quicker than usual.

Rent it out

If you are flexible with your accommodation, why not rent out your property for a couple of nights? It will give people a chance to experience what living in your home is really like, rather than just imagining it. Services like AirBnB are perfect for trying out this simple, but creative, tactic, so speak to your agent and see if they think it is a suitable idea for your property.

Take them out

Finally, why not treat your prospective buyers to a tour around the area? You might hire an Uber to take them for a drive and point out all the top attractions of your community. Maybe you could bring them for a bite to eat at your favorite restaurant. The point is, it will give any potential buyer a much better look at the area, and provide them with some ideas about how their lives could look if they decide to buy.