Kitchen improvements available for £10 or less

Do you feel as though your kitchen could do with being spruced-up, but you’re struggling to find the cash to give it a complete overhaul?

It’s a frustrating situation to be in. However, quality fitted kitchen designers Norwood Interiors has provided the following list of improvements that you can make to change the look of your kitchen for £10 or less.

Give a vital part of your home a refresh without breaking the bank by adding these details today:


Change the lighting

There are many ways that you can change the lighting in your kitchen. For example, you could go the whole way and buy some new light fixtures — why not try a vintage design if you’ve always opted for a modern look?

Alternatively, you can change the colour of the illumination that emits from your kitchen lighting. The appearance of your entire cooking area will be transformed if you go from a standard tone to a bright hue for your under-cabinet lighting array, for instance.

Give cabinets a fresh coat of paint

Just because you have had your kitchen cabinets for a few years, it doesn’t mean you need to take them out and replace them when you’re ready for a change.

Instead, buy a tin of paint and give the cabinets a fresh coat. We will leave it up to you if you’d rather stick to the colour that you’re used to for your kitchen, or give it an entirely new look with a tone that is completely different to the one you’re used to.


Don’t underestimate the power of hooks, racks and rails

Many people like to keep all of their kitchen equipment out of sight inside cupboards when they aren’t being used.

However, we encourage you to be a little different and start making full use of your kitchen’s wall space. To do this, simply pop some hooks, racks and rails up and then populate them with everything from pots and pans to kitchen scales, tin openers and a colander.

You’ll never need to dig around your cupboards looking for that essential item that you know you own ever again!

Consider the little things

You will be surprised about how much the look of your kitchen will change by just swapping a few of the smaller features of the space.

Switch your existing cabinet knobs and pulls with those with a different design, for example, as well as getting rid of a stainless steel dish rack for a wooden design.

Have your own ideas on how to make improvements to your kitchen for no more than £10? Share your ideas in the comments below or by joining the conversation on our social media pages.