Make Money Investing In Real Estate With These Quirky Tips

Investing in real estate normally takes one form: buying a property and then selling it as quickly as possible. Here at Anna Viva, we find that a bit boring. We like to make money from real estate by having fun, and we think you are the same. If you aren’t, why are you reading this post? With that in mind, we have come up with a few quirky ways to invest that are different from the status quo. If you want to make money and enjoy yourself, the following tips are for you.


Sublet A Room

The thought of letting a stranger live at your house is not very appealing. But, come on – where is your adventure?! After all, you aren’t going to be living there because you already have a home. No, a bunch of people are going to live there, which means more profit. With subletting, you can charge more because you charge per room instead of per property. If you can fit three to four more people, that is, potentially, quadruple the profit. And, it is a long-term profit because you can rent it to them until you need to sell the property.

Rent As A Display Home

Have you ever wondered where display homes materialize? They come from budding entrepreneurs such as you that are out to make a bit of extra cash. There is no doubt that display homes make great investments because there is always demand. Realtors will cue around the block to get their hands on a rental agreement with you because it increases their chances of selling a similar home. The great thing is that you don’t have to do anything with the property. As long as it is in good shape, you can leave it alone and watch the money roll through the door. Simple!


Flip It

Flipping a property isn’t uncommon, but it isn’t as common as a making a long-term investment. People prefer long-term investments because they’re safe and less hassle. But, flipping a home will bring you a lot of cash. And, it will help you sell the property quickly if you want it off your hands. The key is to work hard and get it in good condition as soon as possible. Also, investing in a few buyer-friendly features will make it more desirable and increase the value. After all, who can say no to a conservatory?

Buy Land Instead

The quirkiest scheme of them all is to forget about buying property and buy land. Why? You should buy land because land is at a premium. And, the people most likely to buy it are property investors. They will pay a large sum of money for it if they think they can make money by building houses. You could do it yourself, but you don’t have the money or the expertise. Instead, you can take your cut and make a very large profit in the process.

Thinking outside the box is always a good way of making money, especially when it comes to real estate.