Renting a Property? Get Online to Save Money and Hassle

Being a landlord can be a tough job. Whether you have two properties or 20, there will always be something to take up your time; a tenant to speak to, paperwork to do, plumbing that needs fixing and so on. With all this a regular fixture in your life, you want to reduce the hassle where you can, so why not move all your renting needs online by registering with an online estate agent? Read on if you’d like to know the top benefits of working with them and why they’re all about savings…


Save Yourself Some Pennies

The best online estate agents are designed to keep costs down, and a big benefit here is the lack of hefty commission charges and administration fees. For example, with the House Network the initial rental valuation is free, helping you to estimate the best price for your property by considering its condition, location and so on.

There are many estate agents out there whose ongoing payment plans include many hidden costs, but with an online agent such as these, they understand how important transparency is, so you’ll only pay a one-off fee from £249 for the essential services.


Save on Stress

There can be a huge amount of worry that comes with renting out a property, but similar to most thing things today, switching to an online operation takes the pressure off. They’ll liaise with potential tenants, arrange a convenient time around you for a viewing, and provide you with the advice you need to make every showing a success. They’ll even send across a follow-up email or phone call within 48 hours, providing feedback on how you did so that you can keep improving.

When that all-important offer comes in, they’ll handle the negotiations, complete necessary checks, and even arrange the contract signing, helping to ensure that all tenants are ideal for your property. In case you were feeling out of the loop, you can keep up to speed with all of this via your online account.


Save on Marketing Mayhem

Research has proved that 80% of people looking to buy or rent begin their search online. Traditional agencies aren’t always the best option for getting your property on the web quickly, whereas online-based experts understand this domain far better. You’ll discuss key selling points, features you want to highlight and they’ll provide you with stunning photographs and virtual tours – you don’t get that with a printed brochure. After every detail has been refined, it can be live online in just four hours. So was are you waiting for?