Smart Ways to Increase Storage

Whether you have a tiny little home without very much space at all or you, have an adequate enough home for your needs, but you aren’t using the space very well, there are numerous things you can do to increase the amount of storage available to you. Here are some of them:

Invest in a Storage Bed

If your main problem is that you don’t have enough space to store your clothing or linens, then investing in one or more storage beds is a great way to increase the space available to your whole family on a pretty fair budget, and they look better than those horrible plastic storage bins that you can put under the bed.

Use the Alcoves

If your property has alcoves, then use them to the maximum by filling them with shelves from floor to ceiling. Even better, fit a set of doors and turn them into a discrete cupboard in which you can store all manner of things you would rather not have on display.

Use the Space Under the Stairs

In a similar vein, you might also want to think about that space under the stairs – if you have one. Maybe you store your shoes and umbrella under there, but if you add shelving units, a cupboard or even an ottoman which you can sit on and store stuff in, then you could do so much more with the space.

Build an Extension

Okay so this is a more expensive option, and an extension is about more than just adding storage space; good home extension builders will be able to create a floorplan which maximises space and light as well as storage, so you have a comfortable new living space to play around with. However, it is worth considering because as well as maximising your space and storage, it will also add value to your home.

Store Stuff On Top of the Cabinets

If it’s storage space in the kitchen you’re looking for, invest in glass jars, hanging hooks and rails and install them in the space that you have above your cabinets and which is basically headspace. You can store everything from spices to pots and pans or even towels up there very efficiently without the need for extra cupboard space, which can be expensive.

Use an Extendable Shower Rail to Add Closet Space

You can buy extendable shower rails, which can be made to fit a wide range of spaces and which can be installed without the need for any nails or drills and they are perfect for adding more hanging space to your closets should you need to do so. No more bundles of clothes jammed in all over the place!

Replace Your Coffee Table with an Ottoman

Replacing your coffee table with a storage ottoman is an excellent way of boosting your available storage space without taking up any more space in your living room. A good ottoman will also provide you with an extra seat should you have a guest over, so it’s a pretty useful tool all around.

I hope this helps you create a little more space in your home.