Stop Mold Growth Using These 3 Home Cleaner

Did you know that mold is harmful to your health? Having mold inside your house means that you have an unsafe place for you and your family. 

Mold is a term for many types of unwanted fungi that sit on a damp area both indoors and outdoors. These moist areas are caused by excessive moisture build-up because of the weak air cycle in our home. 

Professional house cleaners advise home owners to beware of mold because if not taken seriously, these molds can damage our structural property. Besides, molds can also affect human health. That includes allergies and problems in the respiratory system.

So, how are we going to stop the mold growth inside our houses?

In this post, we will discuss the three methods that help you prevent mold growth inside your house.

3 Effective Home Cleaner That Stops Mold Growth

Molds can quickly multiply in your house. However, it can also neutralize if you will do the necessary actions. Here are the top three home cleaners you can use to stop mold growth.

Use Vinegar

Vinegar is a common food condiment in the kitchen. You can find vinegar in any house. But, did you know that it is excellent against molds?

Vinegar contains mild acid, which kills about 80% of molds. Vinegar is often used with a baking soda. Once they combine their ingredients, it will create a strong chemical reaction that can instantly kill fungi.

To kill the molds, all you have to do is to use white distilled vinegar and place it into a spray bottle without the water content. Spray the vinegar into the affected surface and leave it for about an hour. Once finished, wipe the area with a clean cloth with water to allow the surface to dry. Any foul smell created by the vinegar should clear within 1 to 2 hours.

Use Baking Soda

Another home cleaner that is effective against molds in your home is a baking soda. Baking soda is a white mineral powder that can be used to stop mold growth. 

One significant advantage of baking soda is versatility. You can use baking soda for many applications such as baking and cooking. Not only that, but it is also a perfect cleaning agent.

If you want to neutralize the mold growth, add one tablespoon of baking soda to a spray filled with bottled water, shake until it dissolves. Next, spray the solution to the affected area, then scrub it to remove all the molds on the surface. Lastly, rinse the area with clean water and dry the surface with a clean cloth.

Use Hydrogen Peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is an antifungal and antiviral solution that kills mold instantly. It can be used on a variety of materials such as kitchen, bathroom fixtures, walls, and floors.

To stop the mold growth, all you have to do is to pour 3% concentrated hydrogen peroxide into a spray bottle. Spray the affected areas with molds and leave it there for about 10 minutes.

The next thing you need to do is to scrub the area to remove all of the molds, including the mold stains. Once finished, you can now wipe the surface to remove residual mold and spores.

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