The 3 Hottest Bathroom Design Trends 2018

Bathrooms are no longer a design afterthought. They are an integrated part of the home. Santa Monica interior designers give attention to the details. The use of updated materials and high-tech advancements let homeowners get creative with the space that once felt more institutional than serene. Here are three of the hottest design trends of the year.

  1. Cutting Edge Technology

There’s an increasing number of high-tech options available for the bathroom. Motion detecting faucets have moved from public restrooms to homes. Fog resistant mirrors and those with built-in LEDs were once found only in upscale hotels. Today they are in-demand accessories for homeowners along with the mirrors that have integrated touchscreens.

Smart appliances are moving out of the kitchen and being integrated into the bathroom. Intelligent toilets have heated seats, multiple flushing options and can clean themselves. Smart shower systems can turn on the water and warm it to a preset temperature, turn on music or the television and help conserve water, all at the touch of a button on your mobile device.

  1. Terrazzo Tiles

Porcelain and ceramic used to be the “go-to” tile options for the bathroom. While it is still a safe bet, Santa Monica interior designers have another option that is much more interesting. Terrazzo is a composite material that consists primarily of quartz and marble. With an infinite number of colors and variety of shapes, it brings Italian style and sleek, luxurious flooring into your home without breaking the budget.

  1. Powder Room Facelifts

For most homeowners, the powder room is a necessity that is overlooked. However, today’s designers are giving them a modern facelift that makes them look larger and incorporates style from the rest of the home. Luxurious materials, vibrant colored wallpaper and beautiful light fixtures are just the beginning. Beverly Hills interior design firms use similar elements to those installed in the master bedroom to elevate the humble powder room without spending much money.

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