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The benefits of an impeccably clean office space

Anyone who has ever worked in an unclean or untidy office space will know what an impact this can have on both the amount of work you can get done, and the quality of work you can do.

If you’ve been letting the cleanliness of your office space slide, you may want to rethink and look into professional cleaning services from the likes of Green Facilities or other cleaning companies that can be at your disposal.

A good first impression

If you see clients in your office space, a clean office is hugely important. That’s because first impressions can be everything if a client is on the fence about doing business with you. If you’re using regular maintenance cleaning services and keeping your floors spotless using professional hard floor cleaning services in Los Angeles, CA, you’ll be giving your clients the impression that not only do you and your team have a strong attention to detail, but you’re efficient too.

On the other hand, if you’ve got overflowing rubbish bins, dirty floors, or sticky desks and tables, you’re telling your potential clients that you’re unprofessional. It’s not just clients you need to think about too- if you’re interviewing potential employees in your office, they may think twice about working for you. No one wants to be in a dirty or messy space for most of their day.

Happy employees

As mentioned, employees want to be somewhere that’s clean and tidy. Otherwise, you’ll probably notice that they begin to get grumpy, annoyed, and short tempered. Productivity may fall, and office morale is likely to take a dive.

And it’s not just employee happiness that you need to think about. If you’re hoping to increase profits this year, you’re unlikely to do so when your employees are constantly taking sick days. When offices aren’t cleaned regularly, they become a petri dish for germs- which get shared amongst employees.

Not to mention, your employees are likely to share their dissatisfaction with friends and family members. And the last thing you want is to get a reputation for having a dirty office.

Better air quality

Not only does air quality impact the health of your employees, but it impacts performance as well. If your office is full of dust, employees who have asthma or allergies may find it difficult to work. You may also find that people are tired and have low energy- simply because of a lack of clean air and oxygen.