Top 5 Window trends for 2022

Windows and doors are crucial parts of any home. Both items serve their own purpose in the home but there are different types of windows and doors for different houses. There is no one-size-fits-all because each home has a specific location, design, aesthetic, and size, so you can’t expect to use one type of window and door. 2022 was a good year compared to the previous 2 years in terms of business and during the start of 2022, we have seen some window trends become popular. Here in this blog, we will be reviewing these window trends down below:

  •  Big simple window designs: Although minimalistic designs have been really popular for some time now but in the year 2022, the trend of having big windows with minimum designs was very popular and it is still ongoing. Big windows can be placed in the bedroom, living room, or kitchen. The minimal design allows the home to look bigger because more light gives the illusion of a spacious home. Even in big homes, the infinity glass wall serves the purpose of window and door. This way the light brightens up the room and the living room space could be used for day parties and even for barbeque nights. 
  • Replacement of traditional windows:  A few years back, people restored traditional windows in their homes, and they looked good. But in 2022, people’s perspective on using traditional windows has changed completely. I mean there are very few places with traditional windows. Now people have replaced these traditional windows with broad rectangular shaped frames and casements because big frames allow more light and create a lively space. Using glass in these broad frames with neutral walls looks really good in contemporary homes. If you have traditional windows in your home then this is your cue to replace your windows with modern rectangular windows. Try the Canadian Choice Windows & Doors to look for suitable window options. 
  • Tinted glass window for the staircase: Although the traditional style can look somewhat old but some designs are classic and never go out of style. One of those window styles is having a tinted glass window in the staircase. Of course, you have to install a big window frame there, but you can style it differently according to the vibe of your home/ you could go for clear glass with some tinted designs. Furthermore, try to have a combination of fixed and movable windows there because it allows privacy, security, and ventilation altogether. 
  • Bathroom windows: Unless you live in the mansion, you are going to need a slightly small window for your bathroom compared to the windows in the living room or bedroom. In 2022, double-hung windows have been featured in the bathroom. Both sides can be movable. It is a great choice for ventilation and privacy. The placement of the bathroom window is crucial because of the light. So, place them somewhere where you can enjoy the outside view when you are not using the bathroom for anything.