Why Low Maintenance Gardens Are All the Rage with Modern Homeowners

If you are lucky enough to own a property that comes with an outdoor space, then at first, this can seem like a wonderful thing – a place where you can entertain, relax, sunbathe, or maybe even grow your own food. Of course, if you have never had a garden before, it can quickly become apparent just how much time, physical labour and money can go into keeping your garden looking beautiful, and this can be a big problem if you have a busy lifestyle, travel a lot, or simply don’t enjoy that kind of work.

This is why, for the younger generation of homeowners, low maintenance gardens have become a big trend. A garden that is functional as a place to spend time and entertain, but doesn’t look a mess if you pay it minimal attention for a few weeks is ideal for busy workers. It is not just busy people who are looking to ways to have an attractive garden with low effort, either. People who own secondary properties and simply aren’t at the location often enough to keep the garden looking good, and people who can’t physically do things like push heavy lawnmowers around, also want a garden that is a pleasant place to be, but isn’t a chore to keep up.

Here are some of the ways people are making their gardens less demanding:


No Lawn

Grass can be one of the things that needs the most upkeep, needing to be mowed on a very regular basis in summer. It can also need to be fed and watered, weeded, and have pesticides used on it, none of which is especially good for the environment, and all of which takes time. Patios and decking are therefore a way the outdoor space can be used without the hassles that come with a lawn. With low maintenance potted plants or trees, climbing plants and trellis work, the garden can look natural and have interesting life in it, but without anywhere near as much regular work.

Artificial Grass

A big current trend in low maintenance gardening is to create a lawn with artificial grass. The best quality artificial grass, which you can get from companies like Grono, looks exactly like the real thing, but needs no upkeep and as an added bonus produces no allergens. It is great for kids and pets and lasts up to 20 years, so can be the ideal way for people who like the look of a traditional live grass lawn to get the look they want for hardly any effort!


Wilderness Gardens

A third option is to simply let nature take care of it. When planned well, wild looking gardens with wild flowers and overgrown patches can look interesting and almost magical, though there is work to be done to design it so that it doesn’t just end up looking abandoned!

These are three of the ways people are getting the type of garden they want without having to spend all of their summer weekends mowing and pruning!