3 Careers you Can Pursue in a Digital Nomadic Form

Becoming a digital nomad is a “dream job” for many. This new breed of location independent workers are usually young freelancers, not tied to a desk by a “nine-to-five”. They are not tied to an employer, doing contract-based jobs remotely from virtually anywhere in the world. All they need is their portable computer, an internet connection and dedication to a location-independent lifestyle.

Deciding to give up your day job, and leaving your dwelling place behind to travel the world while working, is tough. Many of us have trouble even imagining such a concept. But if you think of it, sometimes its benefits outweigh the risks and the scare. Just imagine: working from a beach bungalow in India one week, then moving on to another beach in the next week. Stopping to work whenever you feel tired, taking a dip in the sea to freshen up, then spending the next few minutes playing a game at the all slots mobile casino – then returning to your work with a fresh mind. Working at your own terms… sounds great, right?

But what are the jobs that allow you to be location independent? What work can you do with such a freedom and high grade of “remoteness”?



With so many computers – portable and otherwise – around, there is always need for talented programmers filling them with function. If you speak “computer”, you can put your skills to good use by taking freelance programming jobs. And all you need to have is your computer.

If you have solid PHP, C# or other coding skills, location-independence might just be the thing for you.

SEO and online marketing

Again, a work that needs nothing but a computer to be done. And, of course, an internet connection – without this the whole work was pointless, after all. Helping businesses make their voice heard online, improving their search standings and making their marketing effort more efficient over the internet is a sought-after skill set, which can guarantee sufficient income for a digital nomad.


Blogging, copywriting, and other keyboard killers

If you have an established blog with a few working revenue streams, and it makes enough for you to live off it, you already have what it takes to leave your dwelling place behind. But freelancers creating digital content of all kinds, like copywriters and other similar people, can also travel the world and make money at the same time.

Going nomad is not for everyone

Not everyone has the skills to make a living while traveling the world. Not everyone has the work and financial discipline to make a living this way. But if you manage to make do with your digital nomad life and overcome the challenges, you will surely enjoy it a lot.