5 Benefits to hosting your WordPress website in Canada

If you are considering our options for web hosting, there are some tangible benefits to hosting your WordPress website in Canada. Of course you have so many web hosting options in this ultra-competitive field, and the moment it became known that you have begun the process of gathering price quotes, you have probably found yourself inundated with competing offers from hosting companies throughout North America.

What non-Canadian hosting companies won’t disclose, however, is that for WordPress hosting Canada, you will reap these five key benefits that can improve your overall site visibility and opportunity to gain new visitors, readers and customers.

1. You will enjoy improved Google rankings.

Many companies today are paying increased attention to the power of local search engine optimization (SEO) marketing. For instance, if you know that a certain strong percentage of your customer base lives in Canada (even if you have an international clientele) you can boost your local Google rankings for your Canadian market by choosing WordPress hosting Canada.

How this can benefit your business: Even if you choose to register more than one IP addresses (for example, .ca and .com), for customers searching Google in Canada, Google will assume your .ca IP address means your business has a home base in Canada. This will boost the relevance of your website in Canadian Google search results and you will get a higher ranking.

2. You will have greatly improved privacy protection and site up-time.

The American Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has made several newsworthy data center raids over the last few years. In each of these raids, innocent websites were shut down along with those that the FBI was pursuing. Data was seized and the web hosting provider had little recourse.

How this can benefit your business: Unlike hosting companies located in the United States, Canada is not required to immediately comply with DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) instantly. Canadian web hosting providers do get the opportunity to review the claim and, if it appears too broad, can even reject it. So you don’t bear the same level of risk and exposure to data seizing and site shutdown as you would with a U.S.-hosted WordPress website.

3. Your site load will be faster (also leading to better rankings).

When you choose a Canadian-based web hosting company for your WordPress site, you will get the benefit of faster loading times. This is due to the location of your data as compared to the location of your hosting services. The difference in load time can even be verified by making a visit to your local data center where your data resides.

How this can benefit your business: Not only is it important to have a high degree of relevance in Canadian Google search entries (see #1 earlier) but having webpages that load faster can really boost your overall Google search results. And the data also shows that customers vastly prefer highly responsive websites, which means that you will lose fewer visitors if your pages load quickly and deliver a high level of responsiveness to prospect and customer inquiries.

4. You can forge advantageous alliances with other local companies.

When you forge strategic local alliances with complementary local businesses, you open the doors to a variety of marketing opportunities (locally and online) when you align your company’s best interests with those of others in your area. The truth is, nearly 50 percent of Canada’s economy is bolstered by small companies and four in 10 jobs comes from a small local company. When you become part of the small business economy in Canada, you can add this to your marketing and advertising to attract both better employees and more loyal customers.

How this can benefit your business: As the global economy continues to struggle and fluctuate, more and more Canadians are showing their support for the local businesses that supply their communities with jobs, income and cash flow.


5. You can reinforce your company’s commitment to eco-friendly business practices.

Did you know that Canada generates almost 60 percent of the energy it uses from hydro-electricity? This makes Canada the third largest producer of renewable, sustainable energy in the world. And this is fabulous, of course, but saving the planet isn’t the only reason Canada is motivated to “go green.” Developing sustainable business practices over the long term can decrease overhead expenses and monthly energy costs, increase cash flow and attract new loyal customers as well.

How this can benefit your business: This is significant not only for your own corporate commitment to sustainable business practices, but also is increasingly important for customers today. Customers want to support companies that care about the planet – so by choosing to do business with like-minded green-friendly companies, you can also use this in your advertising to attract new clients who care deeply about doing the same.

In Summary: WordPress Hosting Canada Makes Good Business Sense

Choosing a Canadian hosting provider for your WordPress website brings many more benefits in addition to the five listed here. Whether you choose to register dual IP addresses or you opt for a .ca IP address only, you can maximize your chances of online exposure with a higher Google ranking and faster page loading, plus improved data security and site up-time, lower overall costs, a better marketing and advertising platform and increased customer loyalty.