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5 Common Pamphlet Design Errors and How to Avoid Them

A business can’t survive without clients, and clients aren’t going to come if they don’t know you exist. You have the option of online advertising, of course, but there is another way. Pamphlets are still a viable advertising method

There’s a catch, though – the pamphlet has to be free of errors. Pamphlet design errors send the opposite message of professionalism. But what kinds of mistakes are we talking about? How can you avoid these design flaws? 

If you’ve decided on marketing with pamphlets, you need to learn what not to do. Below are five pamphlet design errors and how to avoid them.

1. Not Using High-Quality Pamphlet Images

The idea of reading huge blocks of text isn’t attractive no matter what the medium. Many words clumped together can cause eye strain and lose potential customers’ interest. If you have a product you want to sell, show it. 

Using high-quality images in your brochure will entice readers to want to know more about your goods. There is a simpler reason to use high-resolution pictures, though. Heavily pixelated images will make it hard to see your product. 

2. Off-Brand Design Choices

While you don’t have to go through the trouble of coming up with your pamphlet template, the final design is still up to you. However, coming up with pamphlet design ideas isn’t as easy as it sounds.

You have to make sure that the final design fits your brand image. Let’s use Samsung as an example. The company name is written in a particular font. It would be jarring if the company decided to swap it out with comic sans.

That unique “Samsung font” is a large part of their branding. The point is brand promotion. Always stay true to the brand, deviation from familiarity can be confusing and make your brochure appear unprofessional.

3. Using Fonts Incorrectly

High-quality pamphlet images are essential, but you still have to explain what you offer potential clients. Ideally, your brochure is easy to read, so perhaps don’t opt for cursive fonts.

Text in pamphlets should also be consistent. You should only use up to three different fonts at most. Words you want to emphasize can be printed in bold lettering. Don’t use a different font to draw attention to specific terms. 

4. Odd Layout

A pamphlet design error that can destroy your chances with customers is an odd layout. Pamphlet colors and sizes need to stay consistent. Don’t overload the brochure with too many colors or text boxes.

You should ensure that your text is aligned correctly and that the entire brochure is streamlined and easy to browse through. Remember that negative space is your friend; it helps keep things easy to read. 

5. No Call to Action

Marketing with pamphlets still needs to make the customer consider checking out your products. Without a call to action, all the effort you’ve put in to make the brochure is pointless. 

Something as simple as “Go to and visit our website” will do. You’re trying to promote your business, and you can’t properly do that if you don’t direct clients to where you sell your services. 

Avoid Pamphlet Design Errors

The critical thing to keep in mind when designing pamphlets is consistency. All brochure components have to stay consistent with each other and your branding. Cohesion is the best way to avoid pamphlet design errors. 

Don’t cram your pamphlet with five different fonts and 15 colors. Also, remember to keep the layout streamlined and skimmable. Always opt for high-resolution photos. 

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