5 Tips for Organising the Perfect Hen’s Weekend

Are you getting married? Or is one of your best friends tying the knot? Are you hoping to plan the perfect hen’s weekend? Well, not to worry! I’ve planned a few and curated these tips in order to ensure you have the perfect hen’s weekend away. Whether you’re planning to have the hen’s weekend near or far, these tips will ensure it’s a memorable weekend and that each guest will have memories to treasure for a lifetime.

1. Polaroids
In this day and age of smartphones and thousands of selfies, photos are so easy. We hardly print out photos, keep everything on our phone and occasionally share things on social media. I think polaroids are such a fun way to create fun memories together and offer your guests a nice little keepsake. Get a few cameras and give them to guests to document the weekend and I’m sure you’ll end up with some hilarious and precious photos from the special weekend together.

2. Rent A Big House
Renting large party houses is the easiest way to get a party feel when spending a weekend together. You’ll have ample space, bathrooms and a kitchen meaning you can cook and keep costs down. Big house rentals ensures there’s enough space for all your best friends and some close friends too! You’ll find that renting a bigger house winds up being much better value per person than renting in a hotel and means you’re all together, having one big sleep over.

3. Don’t Forget Some Games
A hen’s do isn’t a hen’s do without some games. Whether you’re into traditional board games (I vote for twister) or some bride- orientated games, it will ensure people mix and create some special memories. I love the idea of doing an internet-free weekend so people connect more with the other guests than their phones and games are a great way to get people really engaged.

4. Create a List
I love when the bride has to go out somewhere and complete a silly list: Get someone’s hat, get a photo with someone, get someone to buy them a drink -whatever you fancy. It keeps things fun and a little outrageous. Obviously cater the list to the bride. If she’s a bit more conservative, keep that in mind so she doesn’t feel uncomfortable. A hen’s do is a way to say goodbye to her single days, so do make sure there’s lots of fun things included in the list.

5. Decorate!
If you’re renting a big house, I’m sure it will special because you have all your friends together in a beautiful location, but it doesn’t mean you should skimp on decorations or making it feel like a celebration. Balloons, funny cookies, a special Bride to Be slash for the bridge… the options are unlimited! Spend a little time and make it feel like a party.

A hen’s do is such a fun way to celebrate with your friends. Use these tips to ensure you have or throw the most incredible hen’s weekend!