7 Mobile Applications You Should Have On Your Phone

The age old argument about whether IOS or Android is better, remains an ongoing debate. But while the millennials fight it out behind their warrior keyboards, the middle ground hippie children come together to share the best of both worlds. Here you will find no biased opinion on the applications mentioned below, rather, you will find a unanimous agreement on the greatness of these designed applications. Ultimately we vote that the below mention are all must haves no matter the model and make of your device. If you can, go get it while it’s hot!

Casino Gaming

Right now this trend is hot and fast picking up. Players are accessing their favourite casino games from their mobile by way of applications or simply through HTML5 supportive web browsers. Why? Because it’s radically fun and winning cash is an option here. Our recommended site has it all so why wait for the application. Just go get the gold gamers.

Google Photo’s

Have you ever had your phone stolen and forgot to back it up? Or perhaps your software upgrade had a glitch and it crashed without you getting the chance to back it up from three months ago? No matter, you may have lost all your contacts but Google photos has your back. When you are on a Wi-Fi network the application syncs all the photos from your phone to a cloud so that you never lose a photo again.


Get all your favourite music in one place, find out who sings a song as it plays and add members to your music profile with Deezer. The music application gives you access to hundreds of thousands of songs on the go and even syncs up with your fitness tracker.


Save all the articles you don’t have time to read but still yearn to finish. Pocket allows you the opportunity to save these pages and read when you get a gap.


This allows you to scan important documents using your phone and turns them into professionally enhanced (and readable) documents. It also you to cop and enhance images to perfection becoming a digital document that you can now email off.

Google Assistant

The AI intelligence software works to deliver a robotic yet effective assistant which allows you to schedule meetings, ask questions, play games and do so much more through the innovative application developed my Google.

Air Droid

If you are looking for a multifunctional screen mirroring application, this is the end of the road for you. This app has been developed so that anything on your phone can be screened onto your PC. You can share files from your mobile to your desktop or you could even stream movies from your phone and watch it on your laptop while seeing messages, missed callas, emails and pretty much everything on your phone.

As you can see there are a number of ‘must have’ apps and you could have them all if you have the storage space available. If not, we highly recommend you look into these before installing anything else!